Easy Thanksgiving Tablescapes

Thanksgiving dinner is centered around the table. It's the only holiday where the meal is practically the main event (in addition to all that thankful and grateful stuff, #blessed) so why not take a little more effort to ensure your table is comfortable and inviting. I always opt for a simple table as I have kids that would make any extreme efforts futile otherwise. Today I'm sharing some simple ways to dress up any table for you and your guests. 

One super easy way to dress up any table involves kraft paper. This is a quick and fun way to create a rustic, Thanksgiving table.


Last year for Friendsgiving I covered the table in brown kraft paper I bought from Amazon. I made sure to get a roll that was wider than the table to ensure the entire table was covered. I used packing tape and taped the edges of the paper to the underside of the table. I added white pillar candles down the center and some hand lettering decorations, greenery would have also been a great way to add some additional color to the table. Everyone loved the personalization on the table and cleanup was a breeze. We literally rolled up the paper and took it right outside to the trash afterwards. If you didn't want to cover the entire table in kraft paper, you could also just make a table runner from it. An added benefit of buying the kraft paper is that it lasts forever and now we use it for coloring, art projects, and table covering during art time. I'm even considering wrapping our Christmas presents with it and jazzing them up with pretty bows. Stay tuned!

Next, a seasonal table could be easily created with a festive table runner, candles, and/or flowers.


To be honest, I am the worst at arranging flowers. I think overall I am a pretty crafty person but do not ask me to arrange a bouquet. With that said, even I can do these roses (in fact, I did!). The pumpkin bowl is a candy dish that we use for Halloween. I took the roses, about 16 of them, and arranged them in my hand, cut them to the desired length, and then zip tied the bunch so they didn't move once I sat them in the dish. I'm sure this isn't the proper florist way to get them to stay in their spot but it worked and has lasted so I'm considering that a success. 


I got the runner at Target at the beginning of October and it screamed Thanksgiving. I was so excited to use it this year and while this one is sold out, I found a couple more that would work perfectly as well!

The pumpkins are real and I picked them up from our produce section at the grocery store. I think you could do all white, all orange, or a mixture depending on what you like. You could grab some other types of gourds to make a nice, festive table. Each of these cost just a few dollars at our store.


The candles pictured on my table were also from Target, many stores and craft stores sell all different kinds of candles and really anything would work here. Grab a few in varying colors and sizes to put together to create this look. Another way to add candles could be this long candle holder from Crate and Barrel. I think it would be amazing down the center of a table and it would be low enough to see over as well, added bonus!

I hope these sparked some ideas to give your own Thanksgiving table some added flair. It really does help the day to feel festive and seasonal, especially for us Floridians! I'll be back this weekend with some recipes and tricks for Thanksgiving. I hope you are having a great week. If you aren't already, follow me on Instagram and Facebook---I'd love to connect with you there!