New Baby Must Haves!


My best friend is pregnant and I could not be more excited! From the day she got married, I have looked forward to the moment I would be able to experience motherhood with her. Her shower is the weekend and as I was perusing the aisles of Babies r' Us, I was thinking about my own journey into motherhood, the moments in the beginning praying Google or an internet stranger would help assure me I was doing the right thing. 

I remember it taking me weeks to complete my registry, researching features and reviews to make sure I was selecting the perfect item in each category. Fast forward five years and I now know nothing is perfect and what works for one baby might not work for the next. In honor of my bestie, I am sharing some of the must haves that I loved for my girls in hopes that some of you will find these useful. 

For the newborn baby:

  • Fisher Price Rock n' Play: We didn't use the crib in the beginning and we opted out of getting a bassinet. We received this as a gift and instantly realized how perfect this was for us. It was lightweight, portable, and was inclined. I scooted the kids all over the house in it. It folded flat so we threw it in the car when we needed to. Both of my girls slept in this until four or five months old.
  • Fisher Price Sit Me Up Chair: This chair wasn't around when Henley was little but I had one for Macie. She used it as early as two months old. It's much more supportive than a traditional Boppy. Again, this folded flat and we were able to bring this on the pool deck or to friends' houses. Macie was able to see what was going on without being held the entire time.
  • Sleep Sheep Sound Machine: We had a sound machine in the nursery that had a night light but many times, the girls were sleeping in the Rock n Play or the stroller. I was able to hang this or put it next to them and they had the white noise. Both of my girls, but especially Macie, needed the white noise to stay asleep. We loved this sheep.
  • Tula Baby Carrier: This is the carrier of all carriers. Just trust me!
  • Summer Infant Bath Seat: For Henley, I had a fancy Puj Tub and it was fine but this was so much cheaper and worked way better for Macie. She was able to be at an incline and I didn't have to hold her the entire time. She stayed warm since the seat is mesh. She was also able to take a bath with Henley. I always stayed close but this was perfect, we used it until she was able to sit up on her own.

For the Colicky Baby:  Macie had colic in the beginning and possibly reflux. She cried almost every waking moment from two weeks old until about twelve weeks old. It was the hardest ten weeks of my life but I was able to give her relief here and there with these products. I couldn't accept that I was unable to help her so in addition to cutting dairy and acidic foods from my diet, I also tried the following and saw improvement.

For when baby is sick:

And some favorites:

I hope this was helpful! I love baby items and I loved shopping for my best friends, even better that I get to see her and the bump this weekend. How many of you are expecting? I hope this list was helpful----reach out if you have any questions!! Have a great rest of the week!