Friendsgiving 2017

Another successful Friendsgiving is in the books and the day did not disappoint. I feel a little dramatic when I say that Friendsgiving is one of my favorite nights of the year but I'm being totally honest. I love hosting parties at my house, I love Thanksgiving, and I love seeing all of my friends eating, drinking, and enjoying each other's company.

Saturday was a busy day. My best friend's baby shower was in the early afternoon in Fort Lauderdale. I prepped everything I could during the week and the night before to allow me to leave early, be gone most of the day while still hosting the party.

I picked up the turkey Monday night so it could start defrosting. It was mostly thawed with a few icy parts in the cavity by Saturday morning. This part is key, I had this reminder written down a few different places so I didn't forget to grab one. A fresh turkey is considerably more in cost.

I went grocery shopping on Thursday night and got everything else I would need for the weekend.

On Friday, I came home from work and started prepping and cooking right away. I cooked everything that wasn't a "hot food" Friday---cranberry sauce, rice krispie treats for the kids, pumpkin butter, and sangria.

This year, we had the best turn out yet---13 adults and 15 kids. Conversation was great and the kids were wild but in a good way. There was a train of kids constantly running between the bedrooms and the patio the entire night. One thing I love about hosting a potluck dinner is that once all of the guests arrive, there really is no work to be done and we can sit back with everyone and relax as well. The downfall of a potluck is that it's a touch chaotic with everyone arriving at once that I didn't get any pictures of the food (and only one picture of the kids if I'm being totally honest).

Below is what the menu ended up being with all of the dishes brought by our guests. I provided the turkey, potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, rice krispie treats, drinks, and charcuterie platter.

I posted a few tips here and here from last year if you'd like to check it out. Do you host or attend any Friendsgiving dinners? What is your favorite dish?