Loving Lately

Happy Weekend friends! Today has been busy, busy! My morning started off with gymnastics followed up by make-up swim lessons for Macie since the last three have been rained out. Henley then headed to a birthday party while I stayed home and made fresh croissant dough. I'm planning to make this into chocolate croissants in the morning for Father's Day. A few minutes in the pool (it was freezing due to all of the rain), homemade slime with the girls, and dinner rounded out the day. I’m ready for bed and Netflix but first I thought I’d share some things that I’ve been loving lately with all of you.

 Poshmark: I’ve posted mostly jewelry and shoes and have been having such great luck with sales. I’m motivated to post some other items of clothing, things that I love but just don’t wear for one reason or another. I also saw people have posted FitBit’s and beauty products so I think I can get some of these posted as well. I love the concept and can’t believe I waited so long to join the fun.

Mint.com: This year have have been consistently monitoring budgets and better tracking our spend. We also have started paying down debt using Dave Ramsey’s Debt Snowball method. Mint.com makes this all so easy to track. All of our banking and credit accounts, including loans and retirements, are fed into Mint at a transaction level. These are then applied against the applicable budget based on history and settings. Best of all is that it’s free!! I can’t recommend this enough!

Publix Premium Moose Tracks Ice Cream: Eating it currently, go try it asap---not kidding! Just go.

These jean shorts from Target---super soft and stretchy, my most favorite shorts at the moment.

These white jeans from Gap---I have to try to not wear them multiple times a week.

Living Proof In-Shower Styler: I tried this for the first time this week and if you follow me on Instagram Stories you've already seen my results. I have naturally wavy hair that I either blow dry and straighten or scrunch with mousse and wave spray (assuming it's not thrown in a messy bun). To use this product you apply a generous amount from root to tip in the shower. Then lightly rinse. Once I got out of the shower I ran a wide-toothed comb through it and went to work. It dried great! Minimal frizz and defined waves. Awesome results and so easy! 

I know these are really random but had to share. I hope your Saturday was great and Happy Father's Day to all you Dads out there.