Friday Finds

Friday! I had a decent week although long. We are at the end of our fiscal year so for an accountant, this is where all of the fun begins---closing out the year and being audited. It will be a busy few weeks but shouldn't be too bad overall.

I have stumbled across some really great things lately so I thought I'd share.

First is this bag. I want this bag reeeeeaallly bad. The grey is a perfect color for me, the size, the inside, the slouchiness (probably not an actual word) is so perfect. We started 2017 with Mint budgets to keep us on track for our savings and debt paying goals so I will need to save my budget for two months in order to afford it, I think it will be worth it. I actually have a tab of this purse up on my work computer right next to my inbox so I see it and don't forget to not spend on other things.

I'm not a huge Valentine's Day fan, I think it's a cute holiday but we usually just exchange candy and cards---no real gifts or expensive dates. With this said, I think the idea of "Galentine's Day" for your girlfriends is so cute. Elisabeth Ashlie has a Galentine's box you can send your bestie to show some love. I just love this idea and the goods are adorable and practical! I saw this referral on one of my favorite blogs---The Small Things.

The book Chasing Slow by Erin Loechner. She speaks in this book of just having and needing and chasing less. She doesn't have any unheard of ideas but just hearing her approach and how she got there is very easy to relate to. I also love that she isn't perfect. Since Christmas I've really been struggling with how much "stuff" we have. This was a refreshing read.

I've been working out on lunch the last few weeks here and there which seems to be the best option for my work schedule. My biggest complaint is the hair situation. If my hair is flat ironed I get an indention for the hair tie that I need to iron out. I saw these online at Sephora and they have pretty good reviews. They are hair ties that resemble the curly shoelaces from the 80's with the promise to not leave an indention. For $8 I think I am going to have to try it out---a small investment if it ends up working.  [side note for the hair situation: Dry Bar Detox is THE BEST dry shampoo I have found and I've tried probably close to twenty different ones].

This song from the Moana soundtrack. I'm not sure if it's the tune or the words that sit with me but it is so beautiful and I love the meaning.

Lastly, I just read an article that Amazon is offering a monthly subscription for $19.99 for STEM toys called STEM Club. Parents select an appropriate age group and Amazon will ship an age-appropriate new or Amazon exclusive toy that focuses on the areas of science, technology, engineering, or math. I think this is awesome. I love that more and more companies and individuals are focusing on the importance of STEM, especially for little girls!

I am heading off to get Henley asleep after a 30 minutes crying battle with Macie then it's Grey's catch up from last night. Happy Friday friends!!

10 Years Later---We Still Do

Friday was our 10 year wedding anniversary. We went to the beach the night before with a friend to recreate some of our wedding pictures with the girls. It was crazy as we expected it to be but the girls mostly behaved and we actually got great pictures. These are a few of our favorites.

Thinking back, our wedding feels like so long ago but then again it feels like just yesterday. I wanted to share some things that I’ve learned about marriage in the last ten years.

Communication is KEY. My husband and I have been together for 19 years but even still today communication is so important. The moment I start feeling distant or disconnected I know it’s due to lack of communication in some area.

Make time to be together but also be your own person. We spend lots of time together, especially with the girls but we also have regular dates and alone time as well. It’s important to be a family together, a couple, and an individual. If we don’t get any three of these times our marriage can feel the strain.

Be grateful. I am grateful for everything my husband does and whether it’s a new diamond ring for our anniversary (oh yes he did) or my morning shake, I say thank you. I am so grateful my husband is so helpful and I am sure to let him know. No one likes to feel unappreciated.

Put the phone down. Between email, social media, news, and texting, we could easily be on our phones all night. It is so important to make time and give each other undivided attention. I have to be reminded at times to put my phone down, it's so easy to forget. The distraction on a phone doesn't show you are listening or invested.

Always kiss goodbye and say I love you.

Learn your spouse’s love language. While we were planning our wedding, the pastor that was to perform our ceremony, who is also a family friend, recommended to us The Five Love Languages. This book is eye opening. Not only did we learn about ourselves but also learned about what each other needs. It makes total sense after the fact that not everyone feels love in the same way but hearing it and reading about it was a big light bulb moment for us. We read it again about 5 years into our marriage and due to life experiences and situations, our love languages had changed. During the beginning of our marriage, “words of affirmation” was my strongest language but after a job that took me out of town often, my love language shifted more toward “quality time”. I think it’s so important to love someone in the language in which they feel loved most.

Ten years of marriage has taught me a lot about myself, about my husband, and about true love & companionship. I love him so much and look forward to the next ten years. 


::Loving:: Erin Condren Life Planner

I am one of these that loves the old school way of handwriting things. I love taking notes with a pen and paper, I love doodling, I make hand written grocery lists for shopping and I also love planners. Yes my phone is sophisticated enough to keep track of appointments and yes to some this is considered "old school" but there is just something about handwritten things.

This year is my first full year (and a half) that I not only purchased a planner but stuck with it and used it. I carry it with me every day. I love the layout and I love that I can jot notes down and refer to them all year round. I keep track of appointments, party planning, to do lists, and so much more.

In 2015 I stumbled upon the Erin Condren Life Planner. I did a quick #hashtag search and was blown away. This chick had gotten the everyday planner right. I loved the images I saw and immediately was on the hunt. I purchased the 18 month calendar and haven't doubted my decision once.

Some things I really love about this planner are its ease of use, I love the stickers that are available all over Etsy (and can be found at places like Michaels as well).

I LOVE the Polaroid Zip camera. I got this camera from my husband for my birthday. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth and will wirelessly print your pictures from an app on your phone. The prints have an adhesive back and fit perfectly in the date boxes in the EC Planner. You can also make collages or smaller prints as well.

It's so therapeutic to sit down and plan out the next week or two. As a busy working mom, this has been instrumental in keeping me on track. I leave it open on my desk and seeing the week at a glance helps me understand what I have going on. I just can't say enough about these planners.

I've already ordered my 2017 planner and I cannot wait to start filling it will plans and events. For 2017 I mixed it up a bit, I bought the horizontal layout and opted for neutrals over colored monthly themes. We will see if I like it as much or more than the vertical, colorful layout.

Are any of your old school planners or note takers?  Have you found a perfect planner that suits your life? Please share!

Until next time...