Happenings Lately

Photo by  Corey Agopian  on  Unsplash

Photo by Corey Agopian on Unsplash

Friends, it is only Wednesday and I am tired! This week has been quite interesting. Our daycare is unexpectedly closed for two weeks so my husband and I have been splitting the days and working from home when we can. I have always longed to stay home with my babies but after this week, I am thinking that maybe I’m not really cut out for that after all. Due to this wacky schedule, I’ve not been able to get any workouts in and have been eating things like chocolate chip cookies with mac & cheese for lunch so yeah.

We tried Home Chef for the first time this week . We’ve been using Hello Fresh for over a year and thought we’d try another one just to see how we liked it. The food has been ok, not bad but not amazing either. The schedule is a little weird, deliveries are available towards the end of the week versus Monday. Hello Fresh has more flexibility on selecting certain weeks for deliveries and the schedule is better so I’ve canceled Home Chef. We will picking back up on Hello Fresh after the holiday. The meals are tasty, easy, and usually are between 600-800 calories. If you are interested in trying Hello Fresh and saving money click here and you will get a coupon for $40 off!

This weekend we are planning to surprise the girls with a short trip to Disney. They have no idea and I can’t wait to load them into the car and see their sweet faces of surprise. Even though we purchased Gold Annual Passes that include the summer, I never had any intention of taking a trip in June----it’s crowded and hot----but the opportunity arose so off we go. I have taken a few extra measures to help with the heat. I ordered fans that clip on the stroller for each of the girls and I also ordered these cooling cloths for all three of us. I am planning to pack a cooler full of waters to have them readily accessible too. We got a cooler from the Disney store on one of their promotions and it’s actually a really great cooler. We load it up with ziplocs full of ice and it keeps the ice in the Florida heat all day. We’ve used it a few times including at the beach. Now just to pack without them realizing where we are headed. We want to surprise them in the car on the way up.

Lastly, this article is a nice read for all of us moms that try really hard but sometimes just can’t. Check it out.

Tomorrow is my Friday, I'm almost there! I hope you are having a great week!!