The Struggle for Fitness

The struggle is real. This is a saying that has been floating around social media for a while and has been applied to a multitude of topics. For me, the struggle with maintaining a gym routine is so real. I am sitting here on a Saturday night debating how my week will go. Do I invest a few hours tomorrow to grocery shop and meal prep? Do I spend that time with my family or savor a few free moments to myself? Is the mental break I'd get from relaxing more important than the physical health the meal plan will bring, assuming I stick to it and I’m not left with containers of leftovers at the end of the week? This is not a new struggle to me.

I like to think I’m healthy. I’m not going to the gym daily and posting sweaty selfies all of the time but I do workout when I can and eat relatively healthy most of the time. I wouldn’t say fitness is a priority in my life, more like a nuisance. Even when I’m in a good rhythm with a routine and working out consistently it’s still a battle. I still fight for time at the gym, feeling like I am missing out on lunch dates or moments to veg out. I have to talk myself into it most days. Why is this such a battle!?

We have a cruise vacation planned in September and I have been using that as a long term date to meet my fitness goal, to be totally comfortable in my bathing suit. This is a realistic goal. I am 5’9” and 145 lbs. I’m at a weight I am comfortable with so I just need some toning, I have enough time for that. I’m going to go into this week with best of intentions but not beat myself up if it doesn’t go as planned. It should be a pretty easy week to stay on track for meals---Hello Fresh for dinner Monday through Thursday and Friday we head to Disney for the weekend. Just need to keep lunch and snacks on point! Wish me luck!