Summer Recap


...and just like that, summer fell into fall.

Summer is almost over friends. Our summer has been filled with both great and tiresome moments, highs and lows. We had the opportunity to spend tons of extra time with the girls, we squeezed in four extra, unplanned trips to Disney. I got to see John Mayer...again and we had many days of fun pool and beach time.

Our summer started off with the girls daycare being damaged severely, they were out of school for three weeks. Those weeks were quite stressful as I was trying to work from home between fetching snacks and trips to the library. Looking back, we made a ton of great memories during this time. I got to experience what it's like to be a stay-at-home mom and I learned it's not for me.


I got to take the girls to Disney on my own which was surprisingly fun and smooth. They did great and besides the heat, we had a blast! In this I did learn most people will help you juggle bags, two kids, and a stroller on and off of a bus----but not all. 

We were able to come up with a solution for the girls sleep issues and in the meantime, they are both sleeping better than they ever have before! (Side note, I cannot wait to redo their rooms!)


We took a trip to an undiscovered place (to us) and ended up turning lemons (Irma) into lemonade (beach vacation)! We are already thinking ahead to a vacation here next year.

Through all of this, we have truly enjoyed the girls and the time we've spent together. They are becoming such little people and I can't get enough. We have watched them become so close as sisters, playing together, looking out for each other, with an occasional fight or hair pulling here and there.

I'm excited for all that fall will bring and I can already smell the pumpkin candles burning. I hope you had a great summer also. What was your favorite part of your summer?