Good Music and Even Better Friends

It’s Monday again and another week is ahead of us. Today was actually a pretty good day, having a nice weekend really helps to start the week off on the right foot. I spent the weekend with two of my really good friends, enjoying great music and even better conversation.

Music is something I truly enjoy. I love how memories are connected to songs and the moment you hear a line you are transported right back to that point in time. I love how a song can lift your mood or help you sulk in your current mood if you so desire. One artist I love listening to, no matter what mood I’m in, is John Mayer. I have had the opportunity to see him in concert a few times so when he announced Florida tour dates earlier this year, I couldn’t purchase the tickets fast enough. He is great performer and the fact that the concert was in the same town as two of my closest friends was just icing on the cake.

This was only the second time I have left the girls overnight but they did great, and so did I. I kissed them goodbye Saturday morning as they drove away to gymnastics with Dad, it was then a mad dash to become presentable and packed before they got back home. The goodbye went well and I was certain if I had to do it again, there would definitely have been more begging and whining, especially from Henley. Showered, hair straightened, makeup applied, and nails painted with only minutes to spare. I threw my bag into the car and headed on my way. About twenty minutes into my trip I realized that all of my shirts were hanging on my closet door, still. I stopped off at the outlet mall to find a shirt and immediately remembered why I do 90% of my shopping online. I wasn’t looking for something specific, quite the opposite in fact. I wanted something presentable and slightly nicer than a cotton t-shirt. One would think that would be easy to find with the plethora of offerings at an outlet mall but yet, it took me seven stores to get it right. Seven! Back to online shopping I go, but I digress. Once the shirt was purchased, I was on the road and listening to all of the podcasts I could successfully fit in during that time frame. (Post coming soon about my favorite podcasts).

I arrived around lunch and spent the entire afternoon catching up with my best friend, there is just something so special about in person, face-to-face conversation. We can text and email all day long but face-to-face it’s so much better!

After a much needed dinner without kids in tow, we were headed to the concert.

The concert was amazing, John Mayer is quirky and a bit weird but puts on such a great show. As is typical with most concerts, the crowd went wild when he left the stage at his first attempt to end the show. We had floor seats and when I looked behind us during this time, the entire arena was lit up with just the lights from cell phones, it was amazing. The picture above doesn’t do it justice by any means. The night ended with all of us reeling from a great show but tired as none of us ever are out late anymore.

Quality time with close friends is something I really took for granted before having kids. I worked with both of my friends so I talked to them all of the time. We didn’t have to speak over children asking questions. We didn’t have to schedule dinners months in advance to find a weekend that worked for everyone’s schedules. In the same breath, my friendships now are much more valuable. These are friends that have been here for me through childbirth and colicky babies, work politics and parent's divorce. My best friend had a “hospital bag” packed in her car for God Sake just in case I went into labor while she was at work (which she ended up needing because I did). Life gets harder as you enter motherhood and the relationships that you keep are everything. I don’t have a ton of close friends but the ones I do have mean the world to me. These two ladies have been there for me in more ways than I can ever count. John Mayer was great but spending time with them was even better.