Health Goal: Starting a New Program!

Photo by  sydney Rae  on  Unsplash

Photo by sydney Rae on Unsplash

After I had Macie, I was itching to workout. This isn't a common feeling for me. I'm not the person that craves the gym and never misses a workout. Once I was cleared by the doctor, I purchased the 21 Day Fix workout program from Beachbody. This seemed like the perfect thing to kickstart my body post baby. I followed the program to a T with my workouts and nutrition, drank Shakeology daily and within three weeks I saw major changes to my body. I was back to pre-baby size.

Since then, I have had an on again, off again relationship with working out. I typically am gung-ho and disciplined the first eight months of the year and then fall out if it once the fall season hits. Even while I am "on track" with working out, my food is usually about 60% good, 40% meh. 

I'm realistic about my body. I know for having two kids and being 35, I am in decent shape. I feel good in clothes and have no issues as far as that goes but my stomach has always been a problem area for me. My stomach is where I store fat and it's the part of me I cover in every picture. I am tired of it! I know there are plenty of mamas out there with great bodies. I am giving this a go. I am dedicating myself 100% to Beachbody's new program called the 80 Day Obsession. I am not going to lie --- this looks totally intimidating --- and it's 80 days! Umm what?!? But I am doing it. I have purchased the equipment needed (sliders and resistance loops). I have my Shakeology and other performance powders purchased. I need to do some meal prep tonight but other than that, I'm good to go.

I will disclaim and say that I am a Beachbody coach but am in no way actively coaching. I am a coach because I drink Shakeology every morning and I get a discount. I do stand behind the company and I think the programs work really well. I love that their programs are not gimmicks---they are clean eating, portion control, hard work, and dedication. It's not easy but it's laid out and if you follow the plan, you will see results.

All of this to say I want some accountability so I am sharing with you all my plan. The program started today. My food was on point and I got my workout in. I forgot the resistance loops and sliders so I came home to workout over lunch and it felt so good. I loved the exercises and was so pumped when I was finished. I usually burn between 160-200 calories during BB workouts and today I burned 325! 

I know these posts can be annoying and I promise not to bombard my blog with 80 Day Obsession posts but in getting myself healthy this year, this is what I have on my agenda. I look forward to seeing changes and seeing how my body will transform following this plan. 

Is anyone else doing this program? How have your health goals for the year been going so far? I hope it's going well if so!