Summer Recap!

Hello friends! Apparently I just go away for a while and pop back in for recaps these days! I will get better, I promise! Summer is always a season where I typically let structure go. These last few months were pretty chill, we spent most weekends in the pool with friends.

I took some time from writing to see if I missed it to be honest. I want to write more often and more than that, I want to write well. I know everyone says “just write” and I know that’s what I need to do if I am going to improve my skill and technique—-I just need to write and stop being intimidated by those that have been doing it for years. I did miss it.

A few highlights from the months you all missed!


Macie started ballet and I really think this is going to be so great for her. She is so serious and focused during the lessons. She loves her teacher and is learning the moves pretty quickly.

2018-06-21 06.14.27 1.jpg


July was full of pool time, friends, and a little touch of Disney.

2018-07-01 08.06.48 1.jpg

And for any of you that think pool time here is all relaxation for me, think again. This is legit what I look like in the pool—-children hanging on to every limb.

2018-07-01 08.06.49 2.jpg

We went to Disney in July for my sister-in-law’s birthday. This was the best Anna and Elsa experience we have had at Disney. Both were extremely talkative due to the lack of a line. They told stories and made the girls crack up over and over again. We were there with them for at least ten minutes, it was pretty great.



Henley began Kindergarten. She has been killing it daily—-good reports home, learning sight words and even is beginning to read. She loves her teacher and has already made a ton of friends. See all that she has done through entering school has showed me how much she is truly capable of. We are so proud of her!



Work was pretty busy during this summer and we didn’t take any real vacations. By the time our cruise came in September, we were all needing a break. We took a 5 day cruise to the Bahamas. My mom joined which was a great help. The girls actually enjoyed kids club so we got a few blocks of time alone which was magical (there was actually one day I dozed off by the pool!! Unheard of!) I hardly took any pictures which just proved how chill the trip really was!

Overall, we had a good summer and in hindsight, it was nice to have downtime to just enjoy each other. The girls made a bucket list and we almost crossed everything off of the list (Camping and Hawaii will have to wait until another year). HAH!

I am back and have lots of fun coming up so stay tuned!!

2018-06-11 07.48.21 1.jpg