Goodbye May, Hello June!


June! My most favorite month. June represents so many great things in my life. This month I get to celebrate my husband on both his birthday and Father's Day. It's the kickoff of summer, my birthday, and the start of summer Friday's at work. The temps here in Florida do begin to rise into the high 90's but with a pool or beach close by, that's not a problem. 

Before jumping into June I'd like to reflect on May and share why I took a brief hiatus. I stepped away from the blog for a bit as I needed to create some mental space. Instagram is a great community. I have found a ton of bloggers and influencers that I love following and connecting with. I've discovered some amazing content. I've found great products and gems of all sorts. But also in this world of Instagram, I found myself getting bummed out as my follower count was going down. I started wondering why. Why were people unfollowing me? Was it my content? Were they just following me to get a follow back? Whatever the reason, it was really bumming me out! I stepped away from my Instagram for this reason. I created my blog and related Instagram account as a creative outlet for myself. I need to be doing this for me, not for followers and likes. With the time and month away, I feel fresh and recharged. I'm not sure I will return to Instagram but I definitely need to return to my blog. I haven't been filling my creative bucket (so to say) lately and I feel it. I need some creative downtime to write, blog, letter, or whatever. 

With all of that being said---here is a quick recap of May. It was a busy, rainy month. We had Tropical Storm Alberto that left us with rainy weekends the entire month of May. Luckily, that didn't stop us from making some great memories this month. 


We typically spend Mother's Day at the beach but with said rain, that wasn't an option. We ended up having a nice dinner with my mom at Bonefish and then breakfast the following morning with my husband and the girls. The only thing I asked for was this book from Target. It seemed like the perfect fit for creating some mental space this month. 


Henley and I had our first ever mani/pedi date. It was such a great time but I think I've created a monster---she is now randomly asking me for a foot massage because they "feel SO good!" Both my husband and I are trying to make a greater effort to spend time with the girls both together and separately. Henley is often saying that we never spend time together with just her and I. This little date was the perfect mommy/daughter date for us. Daddy was able to spend some quality time during our date with Macie as well. We've had a few other opportunities for one-on-one dates since then and we plan to keep them going. 

JTT Collage.jpg

I had the opportunity to see JT in concert with a group of friends! (Our outfits were not intentionally coordinated---you know what they say about great minds) Justin Timberlake was amazing! The entire floor was fully used as a stage, he's an amazing performer. He sang every song of his I love and even from the cheap seats, we had a blast! There is just something about lights at a concert, gets me every time!


The last highlight from the month of May was Henley's Preschool Graduation. Last night, we got to see her and all of her friends walk across the stage to get their VPK Diplomas. It was so cute! A few of the kids have been together since they were one, the pictures from their first day at this school were to die for. It's crazy how little they were, sometimes it's hard to remember that only five short years ago, all of them were small, squishy little babes. I'm so proud of Henley and the little person she is becoming. Ten weeks of summer and then off to Kindergarten she will go!! 


Tonight I sat with the girls and created our Summer Bucket List which I'll share next time. I am looking forward to lazy days at the pool and beach, relaxing with friends and family. Hello June, welcome--stay a while!