Going All Natural

When the new year started, I decided to get back to using more natural products. There wasn't one specific thing that pushed me to this decision, and we do already use a lot of natural products but I wanted to take it one step further. Throughout the last month, I have found some really great products and thought I share some of them in case you are on the hunt as well.



The product that really got me excited to try something natural was deodorant. I have been using Secret prescription strength for years. The product was very effective and worked great but there were some things I just didn't love.  I didn't love how it never seemed to really washed off and was tired of that feeling, even after getting out of the shower, that I was still covered in the product. I did some research and ended up trying LaVanilla and Native. I liked each of them for different reasons but in the end found one of these worked better for me. The LaVanilla is a smoother formula. It is a round, solid stick and glides on smooth, but it never really dries. If I was wearing a tank top, it felt sticky or tacky most of the day. I also didn't feel there was 100% effectiveness for me. I didn't stink by the end of the day but I could tell it was starting to wear off and because I was testing the deodorant, I did take some deep whiffs to determine it wasn't working as well as I'd like. 

I found Native through Facebook ads that offered a deal for a free travel size with the purchase of a full size. I ordered their Coconut & Vanilla scent which smells great. The deodorant is a oval-shaped solid. The product doesn't feel sticky like the LaVanilla and actually absorbs into you skin, especially if you over apply. I felt like the effectiveness of the Native deodorant was equivalent to Secret. I have had no issues with odor since trying it. My one and only complaint is the texture. There is a grit to the product and when I first put it on, I found it to be a little abrasive and rough for my skin. I have since become use to the feeling but I wish it was a smooth formula, similar to the LaVanilla. 

I am on my second container of Native, trying out the Cranberry & Plum scent now and I am totally converted. The product works great and my favorite part---it washes off totally clean every time. I love knowing I am getting the effectiveness I want out of a product that isn't adding unnecessary toxins into my body. One stick costs $12. If you'd like to try it out, I have a referral link here you can try. 


I am a collector of makeup. I love trying new product and researching reviews to find the next great thing. My search for more natural makeup product led me to straight to Tarte Cosmetics. I cannot even tell you my one favorite product because everything works so well! Some of my initial favorites are these:

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer - This has a cult following and is often sold out. I use it as an under eye concealer and to brighten places of my face I want to highlight.

Tarte BB Powder Foundation - This is a powder that I use to set the shape tape. I've also used to as a foundation on days where I don't need a full coverage look. I love this formula and the way it looks. 

Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation - This is my newest product of theirs. The foundation has great coverage that is buildable. It has a super creamy texture and feels so smooth both going on and after applied.

Tarte Gifted Mascara - I love everything about this mascara---the formula and the brush work really well.

Tarte Tight and Bright Clay Mask - This mask has two masks within it. There is a white-pink side that is the "tightening" side. It is made to minimize the appearance of pores and help with breakouts. The other side is a metallic gold cooling formula that is to brighten certain areas. This is one of those masks you can feel working as it dries. 

I really have been impressed with all of the products. I've used their blushes for years but had no idea what I was missing out on with their other goodies.

SheaMoisture Clarifying Mud Mask

I found this mask while strolling the aisles of Target one weekend. I wasn't looking for anything specifically (are we ever really) and decided to try this SheaMoisture Clarifiying Mud Mask. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen me wearing this in my stories before. This madk goes on so creamy and feels very cool and refreshing. The Tarte mask is great as well---I'm sharing both as they are each great in different ways. 

Lip Scrub

Lastly, I found a holiday lip scrub at Lush, Sugar Plum Fairy, that works well to eliminate the appearance of dry lips and tastes so good. I scrub my lips a few times a week and especially if I am planning to wear a bolder lipstick. This flavor is a holiday limited scent but there are many other great ones on their site.

I'm still on the hunt for more natural replacements and I'll keep you updated but for now, I'm feeling so much better having these awesome products that aren't adding unnecessary chemicals and toxins into my daily life.

If you have any recommendations for similar product, I would love to hear!!