I'm Three!


Yes she is! Today is Macie's 3rd birthday. I think the one thing that surprises me most about parenthood is how fast it all goes. While I am a little sad the baby phase is over, I think three is where it gets really fun. The things they say and do are hilarious and fun, most of the time (for example, last week Macie told me I was "really rude" because I wouldn't give her marshmallows at 8pm) I also really enjoy going places without a diaper bag and with confidence they won't pee their pants.  For us, three is the first year they have understood what their birthday means. It's been really fun seeing the excitement and anticipation in Macie building up to her birthday.

Macie is currently loving Trolls, all things Princess, unicorns, and Peppa Pig. She plays with Play Doh and LOL Dolls for hours. She also plays with the Princess Magic Clips, setting them up on our shelves and having full dialog between them. She can be found digging in the sand or swimming in the pool most days.

She doesn't eat any vegetables---not even one! She could live on carbs and fruit (and candy if you ask her). 

She fights me any morning I attempt to put pants or shorts on--dresses and skirts for this girls and the longer the better. She can be found playing outside in a floor length tulle dress with "high heels" on. 

She is sassy and feisty and I wouldn't change a thing about her. We joke that we don't have to worry about her when she's older. She doesn't take any crap from anyone and tells it like it is. 

Macie---you are the perfect, final puzzle piece that completed our family. Your affection and love perfectly complement your tantrums and fire. You are my sunshine with a little hurricane. I love you more than life! Happy birthday sweet girl!