My 80 Day Journey to Health

At the end of 2017, I was ready for a change. I have always been unhappy with my stomach and I was ready to get into shape. I was feeling a little demotivated and after talking with some friends, I decided to consider the route of plastic surgery, maybe this was something I couldn't do on my own. I met with a local plastic surgeon in January, fully expecting him to recommend some liposuction or even a non-invasive, CoolSculpting type procedure. After a quick thirty minute consult, his recommendation was an almost nine thousand dollar modified tummy tuck which would require seven to ten days out of work. Apparently I have a form of diastasis recti (ab separation) and my stomach will never been totally flat. I was discouraged and all I could think was with nine thousand dollars and ten days, I could take an amazing vacation with my family. Going into the consult, I knew I wasn't interested in something so extreme but after hearing him say that's what I needed, I genuinely was considering it! After about a week of going back and forth and getting real with myself, I decided that was not for me. Apparently that was all I needed to get motivated enough to prove the doctor wrong---I might not get a totally flat stomach, but I was determined to get pretty damn close. 

Starting on January 15th, I began working out six days a week and eating 100% clean, per the suggested plan of the 80 Day Obsession. I ate complex carbs, no alcohol, clean fruits and veggies, all in the correct portions. The workouts ranged from 45 to 60 minutes and were tough. I blocked out time on my calendar and got to work. 

The transformation in my body has been significant but that is not the only change I have noticed. I feel so great. I feel rested and relaxed, my skin even looks better. I feel proud that I finished it. We had a work happy hour last week and I drank iced tea and ate a salad. I left there feeling so refreshed. I can definitely say how we fuel our bodies drives how we look and feel.

Here are my results.

PS Collage Day 80-1.jpg


Overall I have lost 10.6 pounds and 13.25 total inches. I notice the biggest change in my stomach and sides. I have defined leg muscles and biceps. The only downfall I have seen is my chest, I am a whole cup size smaller up top now but the confidence I've gain is well worth it. 

I look forward to keeping up with this. I want to do another round of the 80 Day Workouts and nutrition. I am going to about 95% disciplined with the food meaning I will eating healthy most of the time but I won't forgo a dinner date with my husband or a holiday meal with family. I know more changes will come and I am excited to see what else I can do.

I'm planning for my next post to be the meals I ate and how I meal planned and prepped. After thirteen weeks, I have it down to a science. On Sunday, after Disney, I knocked out five pre-workout meals, a pot of spaghetti sauce, a dozen bacon and egg cups for my husband, green beans, and enough black bean hummus for the week. 

At the end of the day, I never would have thought a visit to the plastic surgeon would have driven my motivation through the roof but it did. I was telling my husband last night, it's not that all of this has been easy---it hasn't. The workouts are hard. The discipline to forgo the birthday cake for Macie or wine at dinner was tough. Passing the cake pops and apples in Disney World was brutal but at the same time it was easy. It's easy to decide to do the hard thing because I really wanted it. My "why" was getting to a place where I am happy with my body (without spending the equivalent of an awesome vacation in it). My "why" made saying yes to working out worth it each day. Eating healthy was working, I could feel it. 

If you want anymore information about the program, I can definitely get you in touch with someone that can help. I am technically a Beachbody coach but I don't actively coach (I'm just here for the discount).

I plan on taking a few days off from working out to let my body recover a bit. I am going to have a celebratory dinner tonight and maybe a glass of wine or two but then mostly back to it on Sunday---meal prepping and all!