Hello April!

Photo by  Jan Kahánek  on  Unsplash

Photo by Jan Kahánek on Unsplash

My poor little blog was very neglected in March. Looking back, the blog wasn't the only thing neglected. I didn't write anything, for the blog or otherwise. I did very little photography, and only read one book. I really failed to be to be thoughtful with my time and did nothing of note personally. I spent many hours working out and meal prep but in hindsight, March was spent doing very little for myself outside of that. In my free time, I was often on the couch swiping through Instagram stories or online shopping. My creativity and wallet are both a little drier as we enter April.

As I mentioned many times, I started the Cultivate What Matters book this year in January. This is the first month where I've really seen what this book can do. At the end of March, there is an activity to reflect on the prior three months and realign your goals to account for anything that may have shifted during the year so far. I rated various areas of my life such as finances, relationships, friends, work, etc and noticed some good and not so good changes. Through this exercise, I was able to better align April in order to get what I need out of the month. 

Not until this exercise did I realize I squandered away lots of time and money in March with very little to show for it. I felt deplete and underwhelmed mentally and creatively. I'm three days into April and already feeling better. Being aware of things like this alone can help bring a shift. I am turning off Instagram in the evening and reading or connecting with my husband instead. I am using my free time to write or jot down thoughts in my notes app on my phone. Overall, I'm being more mindful and intentional with my time in order to feel more complete and fulfilled.

My to do list for April includes writing more often, completing a DSLR Camera Photograpy course I purchased in January, and turn off social media at night. I look forward to seeing what April can bring, hopefully it brings the Big Magic.