::Baby G:: Happy Mother's Day

Today we finally told our families about the Baby! It was such a great day.

We hosted a Mother's Day brunch at our house so around 11:00 my sister showed up and we decided to put the ultrasound picture up on the fridge and just wait and see how long it took for my mom to notice. She isn't very observant so I didn't expect her to see it right away----I was right to say the least.

(waiting for mom to arrive, I was so antsy!)

I was making the mix for the french toast right next to the fridge laughing to myself as my mom was at the bar counter facing both me and the fridge. My mom asked my sister to get her a glass of something to drink and my sister being the ever clever one told my mom to get it herself out of the fridge (so she would see it and we could just finally celebrate). At this point my mom had probably been over for 10-15 minutes.

She walked into the kitchen, got a drink, closed the door, and dudn't notice! My sister starts whsipering to me that she is amazed my mom hadn't noticed it. My mom, who didn't notice the ultrasound picture on an otherwise bare refridgerator, noticed us whispering and said "Are you girls talking about me?"  I reply "Yes Mom, you are killing me! Look at the fridge". She immediately gave me a hug and hugged my husband and was crying. It was such a great moment.

My brother came over with the kids shortly after and we shared the news with them. It really was a great time and I am so glad to tell them. Now if only my mom can hold it in a few more weeks until I am ready to tell everyone else.

The kids

...and the grandkids (dog and fetus included)

After my family left (and after I got a nice long nap in) we went to my hubs' dad's house to tell him. We put the ultrasound picture in a card and also gave him a onesie. After a little while, he finally got it and was so excited and moved. I was really surprised at how excited and moved he was. He was brought to tears and was repeating that he was going to be a Grandpa.

After dinner at the hubs dad's house, we Skyped with his mom, sister, and grandmother. It was so great to see them so excited. My mother in law wanted some pictures she took printed on canvas so we told her we printed them and they came out a little weird. We then held the ultrasound picture up and showed her. It took a minute but once they all got it, everyone was very excited. 

I'm so glad everyone (family at least) knows now and I have someone else to talk about it with. Tomorrow starts week 7! Yay!

:-) Mere