::Baby G:: Week 7!


I am already in my seventh week and am so excited to be getting closer and closer to being able to let the cat all of the way out of that bag! Last week we let our families know. Friday night, we went to a hockey game with some good friends of ours and they noticed I wasn't drinking. After that they pretty much figured it out. It's hard to keep it a secret from people that know you so well.

This past week I got promoted to manager at work (yay!) and while I knew I was pregnant when I accepted the promotion, I am extremely nervous to let them know. I will be missing out on year end which is our busiest time of the year. Our department is structured with two managers that report to the assistant controller. The other manager has been trying to get pregnant for about a year and a half. This past week she came to me to let me know that she is pregnant with a due date a day or two off from mine! My jaw just dropped! I am so extremely happy for her but immediately started freaking out about work. I was already nervous about me and now we are both going to be out. The assistant controller knows we both have been trying so I'm sure she realized this was a possibility but she probably didn't expect it by any means. Talk about a coincidence. We have decided to wait until about 10 weeks or so to tell our boss together, we figured it isn't fair for the second person if we tell her separately. I'm pretty excited to have someone in the same position I am in going through the same thing with me. Once we let our boss know, I will feel a lot more at ease.

This week I have been really feeling the nausea and exhaustion I have been reading about in the first trimester, also I have some serious bionic sense of smell. This past week the husband made Indian food. When I thought about dinner at work that day, my stomach did a little turn, which I figured was not a good sign, but thought maybe it would pass.

While the rice was cooking, that smell alone was so strong and enough to make me a tad bit nauseous so add in the tandoori chicken and malikafta and I had to call a time out. I had to sit on the balcony just to get away from all of the smells and I took about 3 bites before throwing in the towel. I think the menu items are going to be a tad bit bland for a while.

I have been getting nauseous more at night than in the morning but this week I was feeling it at random times throughout the day. My boobs are extremely sensitive and I have been really tired, napping on the weekends and in bed by ten on the week days. So far these are my symptoms!

Week 7 has been good to me so far---my 8 week appointment is this week and we get to see the baby again. It's the size of a rasberry right now! Until next time...

:-) Mere