::Baby G:: Week 9

I can't believe I am already at 9 weeks, baby is the size of a grape! I'm super excited that I have only one more week before I tell my boss at work. It's still a little early but I am so tired of having to watch everything I say and do. A lady I worked with  is about 55 or so and is kind of the "office mom". I was talking to her this week and she was looking at my stomach  over and over and being quite obvious. I finally asked her what she was looking (fully aware) and she said "Your belly". Needless to say she said she has been watching me and knows! Crazy!

I finished the book called The Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy and I loved it. It was less medical jargon and more things that your best girlfriends would share with you, kind of like the inside scoop. I would recommend it to anyone that's expecting!

Not much going on this week so I'll see you at 10 weeks!

:-) Mere