::Baby G:: Week 8!


Time is flying by! I can't believe it's already week 8. This week has been pretty rough with all of the nausea and exhaustion. I am having a hard time staying up any time later than 10 and have been in bed, tucked away around 9:00 on average. We went to a Hockey Game that went into overtime and by the time that last buzzer rang out, all I could imagine was BED!

We saw "What to Expect" this weekend and it was so cute! I thought there would be a few funny parts here and there but I thought there were quite a few really great parts. There were also some moments that brought me to tears (imagine that right!) I'm sure I liked it more since it's very relevant to my life.

Lastly, the most exciting part of this week was our doctor's visit and ultrasound. We saw the little peanut again and we heard the heart beating very strongly, 176 bpm! This visit we discussed all of the financial plans, all of our genetic history, what I can and cannot do/have/eat, and of course the ultrasound. There is nothing like seeing and hearing the little one inside me! It's so surreal. 

Only two more weeks before I am comfortable sharing the news!

:-) Mere