::Baby G:: Nursery Finds!

While we don't know just yet whether Baby G is a boy or a girl, we have a general idea of what we are looking for in a nursery. I love the look of the Woodland Creates/Owls for both a both and a girl, with just a change in the main colors depending on the sex. For the furniture, we are planning on going with all white since it will be easier to mix and match pieces using white versus a wood finish.

In planning for the nursery, one conclusion I have come to is that nursery furniture is expensive! (in reality, anything "baby" is expensive) therefore we have no intention of buying a "set" of furniture. With that being said, I decided to search Craigslist Friday night to see if I could find any deals. Luckily, I found a few listings for dressers, armoires, and rocking chairs---I made a few calls Saturday and today we went and picked up a dresser and a glider/rocker for the baby. 

I was looking for a dresser similar to this one from Babies R' Us that I plan to "spruce up" with an owl design that I found on Pinterest:
Babies R' Us Dresser $350

Inspiration from Pinterest on painted dresser design

And this is our find at $60. The woman had intentions of refinishing it and already has the top piece sanded down, even better! I'm looking to paint it white and do a similar design to this dresser above, making sure to match the colors to whichever bedding I decide on. I also would like to go to World Market or Anthropologie and get some new knobs that will go with the owl theme.

Savings on Dresser - $290!!

Next find was a glider. I am really not interested in spending upwards of $200-400 on a rocking/glider chair, especially since we have a recliner in the living room that rocks. Something similar to this one from Babies R' Us is what I was looking for, I'm impartial to the foot stool:
Babies R' Us Glider $299

And this is our find at $50. I am still trying to decide if I want to strip this and paint it white and then get cushions that match the nursery or leave it as is and then get white cushions. Here are some cushions I have found online. I haven't looked too hard online for this yet so I'm not totally sure on the best price for the cushions but even $70 isn't horrible considering.
Cushions for $70

Savings on the Glider: $80

I'm really excited to get this nursery started. I'll be sure to keep pictures updated!

:-) Mere