::Baby G Take 2:: Nursery is Complete

It's done! Albeit, much later than it was done with Henley but either way we are good to go with Macie's Nursery. Here are some pictures and details :-)

dresser, changing table, and crib all from Henley's nursery
Rug from Ikea
Curtains blackout from Target
Turquoise bin for toys from Ikea

Wooden sign DIY

Elephant DIY

Monogram Etsy shop 'A Charmed Nest'
Crib skirt DIY
Sheet Babies r Us

Blanket DIY

Recliner Ashley Furniture
Changing pad cover Babies r us
Organization bins Ikea

Decal from Etsy shop 'Leen the Graphics Queen'

Prints from Etsy shop 'Daphne Graphics'


Mere :-)

::Baby G:: Nursery Organization

For those that don't know me personally, you should know that I am extremely anal. I like things a certain way and it really gets to me if things aren't ideal, it can be a little overwhelming. Speaking of...overwhelming is the perfect way to describe how I felt once everything from the showers and our shopping was completely unloaded in the nursery.

We took everything out of the gift bags and put it on the floor in piles where it stayed for a week or so until I could bring myself around to putting it away. I couldn't really come up with a good solution for the organization so my solution was avoidance.

Eventually I figured out the best way to organize everything and I can proudly show you all what it looks like now!

First thing I did was purchase under bed storage for anything that she won't be able to use in the first three months. I have three bins and I separated everything in groups: 3-6 months, 6-9 months, and anything over 9 months. In these bins, I put mostly clothing but I also put in toys and cloth diapers. The bins I bought look like this.
I also bought a purple fabric bin from Target to store extra blankets in. This fits under the guest bed along with the above bins but they are much easier to access to get blankets out of there.

Then I organized the changing table, the dresser, and the bathroom area. The nursery has a sink and bathroom cabinet in it (weird set-up in this condo) but it actually may work out nicely because we can use it for her baths in the beginning without crowding the bathrooms. I put all of her bath towel & wash clothes, a water thermometer, and soaps in a basket I received a shower gift in and stored it under the cabinet. Also under the sink but not pictured are bath toys she can use later and also a diaper sprayer for the cloth diapers that we won't use that for a few months so it's still in the box.

Next on to the changing table. We are planning to use cloth diapers so we don't really need much room to store actual diapers but we still have cloth diapers, cloth wipes, and all of the accessories.

In the drawer of the changing table we have random things that don't really "go" anywhere else. We put pacifiers, wipes, medicine, breast feeding accessories, and anything else that doesn't have a place here. 

Next to the changing table is where we put this little stand we bought at Home Goods. We didn't really have anywhere to put the wipe warmer since the dresser is on the other side of the nursery. 

Under the changing table are two shelves that we organized as follows:

Newborn and small cloth diapers
Cloth wipes, the purple ones are the ones I made here.

Receiving blankets.

Swaddle blankets and disposable gdiaper liners.

Burp cloths

Crib sheets and changing pad covers

All of this organization just makes me ecstatic (yes I realize I have issues)! Next we have the dresser:

Top drawer is organized using these bins from Ikea.

Second drawer has all of the sleepers and onesies by size: newborn and 0-3 months.

Third drawer is mostly 0-3 outfits and dresses with two stacks of newborn outfits on the right. 

All of the cloths got washed yesterday and it feels so good for everything to be washed and organized. I am planning to finish washing everything else tomorrow. I need to wash all of the swaddle blankets and receiving blankets along with prepping the cloth diapers. Once that is done, there will seriously be very little left to do----it's so exciting that everything is coming together nicely!

Mere :-)

::Craftie:: DIY Painted Lamp

Hello and happy long weekend to all!! I hope your Thanksgivings were all WONDERFUL! Mine was great although tiring---this mama gets pooped way easier than I used to. Typically, the hubs and I host Thanksgiving and we do all of the cooking. This year my brother volunteered to spearhead all cooking organization and took care of the bird, everyone else (myself included) contributed sides and desserts. Even though I didn't do near as much as I typically do, I was so tired!

While the nursery has been "done" for a few weeks, there have been some things that I have wanted to change or tweak now that we have been receiving shower gifts and organizing all of Henley's things. One thing we changed was the lamp. We came across one at World Market that we loved and just had to have. 

Originally we had this lamp in the nursery from Ikea. The main problem with this was the socket for the bulb was so tiny that the lamp didn't put out near enough light for that room.

Once we saw the lamp from World Market, I knew we had to have it. Only problem was that the lamp was off-white and the shade was white. I didn't want to purchase a new shade so to fix this, I decided to paint a diagonal stripe on the white lamp shade. Here are some pictures of the process:

Taped at a diagonal using blue painters tape. I didn't do any crazy calculations or measurements and just eyeballed these stripes. By the time I got to the end, I was out of room and the stripes on the back don't quite line up. This is also where the seam is and it's in the back so I really didn't mind the weird way the sides came together. 

Used Americana acrylic paint

I painted the gray first. In hindsight, the gray without the purple actually looked a little better than the gray w/purple. I could have sprayed the entire white lampshade with an off-white spray paint and then taped off and painted it gray. I think this would have looked a little better and would have helped with all over coverage but live and learn.

Added the purple and used a smaller brush to get close to the gray. Initially where the colors met there was little dots of light showing through here and there so I had to do some pretty tedious touch-ups to ensure every spot was covered. Like I said before, it might make more sense to paint the whole thing one color then tape off the stripes to avoid this.

After all of the painting and touch-ups, I love the end result. Here is the finished project with my lamp based that I LOVE! I think the quirkiness of the owl adds the perfect touch to her room.

I hope you all enjoy the remainder of the weekend! Enjoy it! :-)

Mere :-)

::Baby G:: Nursery is Complete!

It's finally done! The nursery for Henley is finish and just waiting for her arrival. We have had the majority finished for a while, just waiting on some shipping/seller issues on Etsy. I did a video tour and took tons of pictures of the room so hopefully you get a good idea of what it looks like. Here we go...

Curtains: DIY see here for post

Crib: Graco Lauren from Target
H: Etsy purchased unfinished, we painted it
Blankets, Crib Skirt: DIY

Changing Table: Hand-me-down

Gallery Wall: Mostly from Etsy, I made the middle one from Scrapbook paper, my mom made the little owl using cross-stitching
Frames: Ikea Ribba

Changing Pad Cover: DIY
Knob: Etsy

Bins: Ikea Skubb

Glider: Hand-me-down from a friend, DIY recover
Dresser: Purchased from Craigslist, painted white, same knobs as changing table.
**I should note---we ordered these from one seller and got them in pink instead of purple. I emailed the vendor and they were to send me purple ones. I hadn't received them after a month and therefore had to order them from another seller. If anyone is interested in pink crystal knobs, I have 6---please let me know and I can sell them to you! :-)

Ledges: Ikea Ribba
Henley Bunny: Hallmark, gift from sister-in-law
Owl: Gift from Mother-in-law

Canvases: DIY

Dresser decor: Gifts from various friends

Bird houses: My mom made these

Guest bed & Fitzy

I love that I got to put so many personal touches in this room. I am really happy with how it turned out. If I didn't link something and you have questions just ask! Hope you all had a great weekend!

Mere :-)

::Baby G:: Owl Floor Mat

The nursery is almost done and I have been a crafting fool lately! The latest craft I made was an owl floor mat for the baby to play on. I found this one on Pinterest and I loved it but not only was it sold out but the color scheme didn't really match our theme either. After much consideration, I decided that making this was totally doable but I had some trouble getting started, I had no measurements and no pattern. Luckily I have a husband that works in construction and he helped me out big time.

First I printed the image offline and my husband went to work measuring out the full size and all of the individual parts (check out all of those measurements!)

We then taped two large pieces of freezer paper together to create a pattern. Once we had the measurements that we came up with plus the overall shape of the owl, we were ready to start cutting and constructing.

Here are some pictures of the process: 
All of the main pieces cut and waiting to be put together.

Fitz swears I am making this for him...

I did not use minky for the eyes since I didn't have white or black, I ended up using felt and I think it worked great.

Front and back put together

All Finished! I used batting for a bed comforter, doubled up, to make the inside padding and it seems to be just enough, we have tons left over.

When initially selecting a fabric, I didn't realize that minky would be any different to work with than other fabrics I have worked with in the past. I quickly learned that is not the case. I made a blanket first and then a pillow, which I'll blog later, and I realized these fabrics slip and slide like crazy. My biggest problem was seeing that my fabric which lined up perfectly when I started would be shorter by 5" or so on the top than on the bottom by the time I got to the end. To say the least, I got very comfortable with my seam ripper. 

After a few google searches, I found I am not the only person to encounter these problems and the easiest solution seemed to pin, pin, pin. I used so many pins that there was not a blank space on the edge that wasn't pinned and I waited until the last possible moment to remove the pin before it went under the sewing needle. Once I realized this, all sewing was perfect!

One warning on the minky though, it fuzzes like crazy when cut. My craft room is covered in "minky dust". Every time I looked down, my whole belly was covered in fuzz, I eventually kept a lint roller right next to me for my shirt, the desk, or even Fitz. Check out this picture where he fell asleep under the desk...

Overall I am extremely proud of this and so excited how it turned out. This is the first time I have really sewed something with a pattern I created and it actually worked. I used the same process as the pillow I made which did have a pattern so I think that helped. I'll be sure to post the pillow and blankets soon.

Tomorrow I begin my last week in the second trimester---insane! This pregnancy is flying by! Happy Tuesday all!

Mere :-)

::Baby G:: DIY Blackout Curtains

Another project done! This past weekend we decided to conquer the curtain project to keep the sun from fading all of our new and exciting baby items! :-)

The nursery is the room of the house that gets the most sun as the sun sets on that side. While the sunset is gorgeous, it doesn't make for a room that will be conducive to midday napping. We knew we wanted blackout curtains but didn't want to pay the extreme prices that 108" curtains typically cost.

Last weekend I was doing a search and I came across curtains at amazon.com that were the perfect shade of purple in 58" x 108" for $18.99! Crazy cheap! I read some reviews and people commented that they were somewhat sheer. I knew I would be able to figure something out so I went ahead and bought them. 

They arrived on Friday and they are definitely sheer as in they should have been described as sheers not curtains. :-) The hubs and I turned them into blackouts and they are hung, all ready for the baby! Here is how we did it:

This is the window prior to curtains. These are 9' ceilings and the window is about 70" wide. (See here for the post about the canvases).

These are the curtains we purchased. After working with these curtains today, I have learned that there is a reason they were only $18.99, not the best quality but they definitely worked for what we needed.

We went to Jo-Ann's and purchased black-out material. They sell it in 54" rolls by the yard for $6.99 a yard (on sale today for 40% off). Since each panel of the curtain is 58" wide, the 54" width is perfect. We wanted the black-out material to be slightly more narrow than the curtains so the white didn't peak out when hung. The black-out material is vinyl on one side and feels more like a fabric on the other. We put the vinyl side facing out to the window, not sure it really matters which way it is hung.

The curtains had grommets at the top that were a bronzed metal. Originally I wasn't planning on changing anything with the grommets but when we purchased the curtain rod, we bought it in brushed nickel and it looks strange next to the bronze.

I cut the panel of grommets off from the rest of the curtain and ran a zigzag stitch to keep the material from fraying. I wasn't really careful or neat with this part since I knew it wouldn't show.

The hubs and I then laid the material on the floor flat and then laid the blackout material over the curtain. We cut the blackout material about an inch or two shorter than the length of the curtain and made sure to center it. I pinned a 2" hem at the top making sure to pin the curtain and the blackout material together. I then just ran a simple stitch along the top. (I didn't remember to take a picture of this part, oops)

The 2" hem wasn't wide enough for the curtain rod to go through without being too snug to move it. I ran to Jo-Ann's and bought rings with clips, in the end I think this is a much easier way to open and close the curtains so it ended up working out better than originally planned.

All that was left to do was mount the bracket and hang the curtain rod (all husband-ly duties).

We had a few hiccups during the process but overall this was a pretty simple project and much cheaper than purchasing two panels of 108" curtains.

Here is the finished project, a little hard to photograph since the sun was starting to set but as you can see, tons of light to cover.

With the curtains drawn, the blackouts are definitely doing their job! 

I hope this helps with many afternoon naps to come :-)

Hope you are having a great week! Happy Friday!

Mere :-)

::Baby G:: Project Chair Recover

Another project complete! The glider we got from a friend for free was totally great in every way except that it was blue! Since we obviously wouldn't be needing blue, I decided that I would attempt to recover it. Here is the before picture. I forgot to take a straight on before shot but here is a picture that shows most of the chair before.

Two weeks ago the hubs and I went to Jo-Ann's and looked at their upholstery fabrics. We were looking for something grey and hubs found one we liked pretty quickly. In certain lights, the fabric looks tan but in the room against the white glider, it looks more grey (yay). The fabric was $40 a yard and we needed four yards (yikes!) but luckily all of the fabric was 60% off that day plus we found two yards of the exact fabric in the remnants section at 70% off. That plus some coupons from the Jo-Ann's app and we ended up getting all of the fabric plus the thread for the price of one yard! Score!

I took some detailed photos of the cushions before so I knew what it looked like. I then used a seam ripper to remove the existing pieces and used those as a pattern. It worked really well since I knew the exact size of the fabric and could see how it was sewn before. The arm cushions were the most challenging part and took me the longest but overall it came out really well. Here are some pictures of the process.

Hubs taking apart the footstool

He used a staple gun for this part, I am not comfortable using that tool so he handled this part of the project. I definitely don't trust myself :-)

Putting it all back together.

This was the bottom cushion after I sewed the right sides together. I did this same process for the back as well.

All stuffed, I hand sewed the remaining edge that I left open in order to allow room for the cushion to go in.

The chair originally had velcro strips that attached the cushions to the chair. I didn't want to go this route so I picked up some satin ribbon and sewed it to the seams. I did this to the back and bottom cushions.

I didn't take any pictures during the arm process since I was frustrated most of the time. These pieces were originally attached to the chair using snaps. Since I don't have the tool for snaps, we unscrewed all of the snap bottoms that were affixed to the frame and used a decorative nail that looks similar to a snap. Hubs did this part too.
Hammering the snaps in

Fitz helping out as usual.

And finally...the finished project!

I surprised myself with this one! I love it and it matches the room so much better!!! I can't wait to move onto the other fabric projects in the room. I have a post going up soon for the curtains also! 

Anyone else out these getting a glider?? Any plans to spruce up an old one?? This project cost about $50 in total and was really worth it. It took probably a total of 10 hours max (I had some slip up and redo's because I'm not quite a pro on the sewing machine yet). Totally doable for a newbie like me!

Good News---It's Thursday! Have a great day!

Mere :-)

::Baby G:: Week 19 Mangos!

How far along? 19 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: 5.8 lbs 

Maternity clothes? Yep! 

Stretch marks? None

Symptoms: This week has been ROUGH! Mostly because I have been working so much and have been totally exhausted but in addition to being swamped at work, I had two pretty bad days with dizziness. I called the doc and nothing to be concerned with but still worrisome. I've also been having stomach pains pretty bad but no one is probably interested in those ;-)

Sleep: Other than one bad night, sleep has been amazing. I was in bed at 9:30 last night (it was amazing)!

Best moment this week: End of the day Friday---finally having a moment to breathe and collect my thoughts

Have you told family and friends: Yep

Miss Anything?  Last night I missed alcohol for the first time. I had an overwhelming day at work and I came home and just cried----I could have really used a glass of wine to unwind.

Movement: Nope, still (not so) patiently waiting

Food cravings: I have been thinking about caprese salad all day today, I'll have to get some soon.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope :-)

Have you started to show yet: Yes 

Gender: Girl! 

Labor Signs: Nope

Belly Button in or out? In

Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody most of the time: Moody

Weekly Wisdom: Take a breath! It's hard not to feel overwhelmed with work lately.

Looking forward to: Having the weekend to work on the nursery and my anatomy scan on Monday. I never tire of seeing her on the screen. We will also get confirmation once again it's a girl :-)

I finished my first DIY craft for the nursery. I found some prints that I really loved on etsy but the combination or colors weren't exactly what I wanted, plus DIY-ing saves money!! I bought three 10x10 canvases and painted the designs using acrylic paints.

I started reupholstering the glider this past weekend and have about half of it complete. I'll be sure to post pictures as soon as it's finished. We got a light grey fabric that has a textured pattern on it. I love it so far, I'm hoping the arms covered aren't as difficult as I am imaging. 

Hope you have a great rest of the week!!

Mere :-)

::Baby G:: Nursery

The nursery progress is officially underway. Last weekend we went to the other coast to get some items from a few friends that they no longer needed---best part is that it was all FREE! We got the glider in the pictures below along with the changing table from my best friend's sister. We got the pack and play, the car seat with two bases, the bouncer, and a few other items from a friend of my husbands. Here is a tour of our guest room/nursery before any work, we just put all of the items and furniture into that room where we think they will eventually go.

Guest bed

Glider and dresser we painted. The white we painted the dresser is a blue white and does not match the glider or changing table at all. We are going to get the crib and see what that white is and then repaint the dresser. Kind of a bummer but it is what it is!

Glider we purchased from Craigslist that we are selling, I like the white one better

Other goodies

Pack and Play, we set that up where the crib would go just to see how it felt with the layout

Hallway/Room entrance filled with everything we need to get rid of!

Here is a super quick tour---

Since we now know we are having a girl, my goal for the nursery is a mix of purples and greys along with the owl theme. Here is something I put together today as sort of an inspiration board.
I plan on making a lot of the bedding and curtains so I have ordered some fabric swatches for prints, also seen in the bottom corner in the photo above

Yesterday we took the first step to getting the room pulled together and painted. We used Sherwin Williams paint in Sensitive Tint. In the swatch, and also the background of the inspiration picture above, the color was more of a grey/purple but now that it's on the walls, it has more purple that I originally planned but I still love it!

We also got rid of everything that was in that hallway. I'm so excited that we finally have a plan and things are underway! I ordered a few more fabric swatches in solids so I want to look at all of the swatches together before I start ordering. I'll keep you posted as more things start coming along.

:-) Mere

::Baby G:: Nursery Finds!

While we don't know just yet whether Baby G is a boy or a girl, we have a general idea of what we are looking for in a nursery. I love the look of the Woodland Creates/Owls for both a both and a girl, with just a change in the main colors depending on the sex. For the furniture, we are planning on going with all white since it will be easier to mix and match pieces using white versus a wood finish.

In planning for the nursery, one conclusion I have come to is that nursery furniture is expensive! (in reality, anything "baby" is expensive) therefore we have no intention of buying a "set" of furniture. With that being said, I decided to search Craigslist Friday night to see if I could find any deals. Luckily, I found a few listings for dressers, armoires, and rocking chairs---I made a few calls Saturday and today we went and picked up a dresser and a glider/rocker for the baby. 

I was looking for a dresser similar to this one from Babies R' Us that I plan to "spruce up" with an owl design that I found on Pinterest:
Babies R' Us Dresser $350

Inspiration from Pinterest on painted dresser design

And this is our find at $60. The woman had intentions of refinishing it and already has the top piece sanded down, even better! I'm looking to paint it white and do a similar design to this dresser above, making sure to match the colors to whichever bedding I decide on. I also would like to go to World Market or Anthropologie and get some new knobs that will go with the owl theme.

Savings on Dresser - $290!!

Next find was a glider. I am really not interested in spending upwards of $200-400 on a rocking/glider chair, especially since we have a recliner in the living room that rocks. Something similar to this one from Babies R' Us is what I was looking for, I'm impartial to the foot stool:
Babies R' Us Glider $299

And this is our find at $50. I am still trying to decide if I want to strip this and paint it white and then get cushions that match the nursery or leave it as is and then get white cushions. Here are some cushions I have found online. I haven't looked too hard online for this yet so I'm not totally sure on the best price for the cushions but even $70 isn't horrible considering.
Cushions for $70

Savings on the Glider: $80

I'm really excited to get this nursery started. I'll be sure to keep pictures updated!

:-) Mere