::Baby G:: Shower with Friends!

I've been super lucky in my life to be surrounded by great friends and family that are always there for me. It seems that Henley is going to be as lucky as I am because we are having three showers thrown for us. Today was my first shower thrown by my friends Nicole and Shanna. They did such a perfect job and it was the little details that made this day totally perfect!

Bestie Heather and I

Bottle racing game

Mary won! Check out that technique---having a six month old must be the key!

Great hostesses - Nicole and Shanna

Present time!

I love this dress!! It's adorable!

The crew----love you all!

All of the pregos! 

Today was such a great day, I can't say it enough! We got all kinds of good stuff. I just want to take it all out and get everything all set up. I know it's too early to start all of the washing and laundering but I want to do it so bad!! :-)  (this must be the "nesting" everyone talks about). Can't wait for Henley and thanks to tons of great friends, she is going to have some great things to help get settled in!

Happy weekend!

Mere :-)