::Baby G:: Week 29 is Fine!

How far along? 29 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: 25 lbs

Maternity clothes? Yes

Stretch marks? Same ones I've had, no new ones although I have read that the belly ones are more likely in the end---hopefully all of my oiling up pays off.

Symptoms: No new symptoms but I have learned a remedy for my back pain---long, hot baths! Not too shabby of a remedy if you ask me.

Sleep: Some good and some bad nights but my crazy, off of the wall dreams are back.

Best moment this week: My shower! I loved seeing everyone together and of course the presents ;-)

Have you told family and friends: Yep

Miss Anything? I miss being able to shave comfortably.

Movement: Lots! I think she is tired out today from all of the movement. The last few days she's been crazy but today she's been a little more mellow.

Food cravings: Nope

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope

Have you started to show yet: Oh yes!

Gender: Girl, Henley Nicole!

Labor Signs: None.

Belly Button in or out? The top little flap is out, the rest is flat.

Wedding rings on or off? On but snug! I'm going to be sad when they don't fit!

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy!

Exercise: None unfortunately. The weather is getting nicer so hopefully we get some good walks in.

Looking forward to: My last free weekend from now to Thanksgiving. I have so many great weekends planned ahead but at the same time, I am looking forward to a mellow weekend. 

Happy Hump Day!

Mere :-)