::Baby G:: Week 35!

Can you believe it, only 35 days to go! They say the average length of pregnancy for first time mom's is 41 weeks and 1 day. I'm mentally prepared to go overdue but I am really hoping not to! Need to start researching some old wives' tales ;-)

How far along? 35 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: 29 lbs

Maternity clothes? Yes---absolutely. When I initially purchased maternity jeans, I bought two pair that were demi-panel and one pair that had the full panel. Initially I hated the full panel and stuck with only the demi. Now that the belly is so big, the full panel feels so amazing in comparison since the demi-panel rolls when I sit. My suggestion is at least one pair of each for the different phases of belly!

Stretch marks? Same, same---no new ones. I thought I spotted one on my belly button but it turns out I'm just so pale and my skin is stretched so thin now that my skin is practically see through! ;-)

Symptoms: Actually had a pretty good week. Heartburn of course but nothing a few Tums and a little Zantac doesn't cure. I have been having more pressure down there but I think that's just part of the process, it's nothing unbearable.

Sleep: Sleep has been pretty good. There have been a few nights where I wake up in pain and Henley is literally protruding from one side of my stomach. It's so weird and it's pretty painful, I even woke Teddy up at 5am to make him feel it. Both times I just turn over and she adjusted to the other side so all is a-ok.

Best moment this week: With the 4.5 day weekend, we ended up getting so much done! All of the baby clothes are washed and organized, all of the blankets and sheets are washed and put away, and all of the cloth diapers are cleaned and prepped ready for a cute little butt to wear.

Have you told family and friends: Yep

Miss anything? What I actually miss most is my hubs' great big hugs! It's so weird to bend at the waist just to get close enough for a hug. I cannot wait to be able to snuggle up to him in bed and hug him without a huge lump in between us.

Movement: Ok---so the movement of this child is crazy. I feel like I already know her based on that alone---feisty. If she is really high and I put my hand on her, she kicks me back. If I sit up at all, she starts rolling and moving around. Already she is dictating what I do and she's not even here or speaking. Teddy laughs every time I sit up and she starts moving. He always tells me "she doesn't like that". :-)

Food cravings: With all of the yummy Thanksgiving food there was no time for cravings---although McD's fries and an Oreo McFlurry sounded divine today. I resisted though, mainly just because it was 4pm and I didn't want to leave work.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope, I've definitely been blessed in this area.

Have you started to show yet: Yep and people are starting to say I dropped----who knows!

Gender: Girl, Henley Nicole!

Labor Signs: None.

Belly Button in or out? So the belly button is totally flat and I think we may be out of the woods on the outtie. It looks like there is nothing left to come out. Time will tell but I'm leaning towards flat.

Wedding rings on or off? On----No issues with swelling thankfully!

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy for the most part. I am getting a little more a irritable and less patient with people at work though. I just don't care about the piddly crap and I feel like I have to bite my tongue often. I'm sure my co-workers are praying I don't go overdue just so they don't have to deal with me.

Exercise: Walking with the hubs a couple of times a week. I love it---we talk and enjoy the great weather and all of the pretty Holiday decorations downtown.

Looking forward to: Packing my hospital bag and more crafting! I made a few Christmas presents this weekend and I have a few more to make. It's so fun. I would show you but some people on here will be the lucky recipients. :-) Don't want to ruin the surprise!

Wednesday is over and tomorrow is Thursday which means the weekend is right around the corner! Yay!

Mere :-)