::Baby G:: Pregnancy Must-Have's

Now that I am about to enter my last month of pregnancy, there are some things that I seriously could not have lived without during this pregnancy. Even if this list helps one person, I'll be happy! I know everyone is different and these won't work for everyone but I hope they help someone out.

Bio-Oil is the main thing I use for the prevention/treatment of stretch marks. I have read so many different, conflicting theories as to whether any of these creams or oils actually work but I'd rather do it just in case. I like the way this product feels and it actually says to use it after pregnancy to minimize the appearance of stretch marks. I have gotten a few stretch marks and I intend to keep using it afterwards to help with that.

My next product is related to the first. My only complaint with the Bio-Oil is that if I use it right before getting dressed, the oil will show up on my shirt and it has stained a few shirts. If I am using it before heading out for the day, I will use this product instead. This has a nice light fragrance and absorbs into my skin therefore there is no residue left on my clothing.

In the beginning especially, my skin was horrendous. Major breakouts everywhere and nothing was working. I have never had acne or serious breakouts before so I was really at a loss with how to fix this. Before I got pregnant, I was using Philosophy Purity but that wasn't even coming close to working. After a few trips to Ulta and some googling, I learned about Philosophy's Clear Days Ahead. I used this soap along with the medicated pads and it was seriously a miracle cure. My skin got a little better in the second trimester but I haven't strayed from this regimen since it's worked so well.

Next up is Carmex. I have always been an avid Carmex user but lately it seems my lips get drier than normal. Also when I do feel like I need some lip balm, I need it pronto! I have this in every corner of my life---car, bedside, desk at work, etc. It's super cheap and it works great!

Gap Maternity Leggings are probably one of my favorite pieces of maternity wear. They are so comfy and seriously make getting dressed and looking presentable a piece of cake. They are made out of a really soft cotton also. I bought Old Navy leggings as well but they aren't as long and have started to pill on the legs. The Gap ones are still in great shape and work best for my 5'9" frame.

So I probably should have led the list with this item as it is my favorite---the Snoogle! At about 15-16 weeks, I started feeling uncomfortable when I slept. I had read some good reviews about this pillow so I thought I'd give it a try, especially since I had a 20% off coupon to Babies R' Us. This pillow has been a lifesaver! I really haven't had that hard of a time sleeping (other than the frequent urge to pee). This pillow is great no matter which way I am facing, sometimes I like it against my back and other times I like to face it and hug it. Every way it is comfortable and I truly love it! I would recommend it without a doubt!

Next up are these Old Navy tank tops. These are only $8 right now and work for many purposes. I use them to work out it or even for around the house. I also wear these at work under cardigans or blazers. For $8, you can't beat it. I have quite a few of these in a couple different colors and they work for so many different situations. They are also really long and are still working great to cover my bump, some of my maternity clothes aren't quite long enough now that my bump is a little bigger. I love these tanks!

This one may not be so uncommon among us pregnant folks ---- Tums! Tums have been a lifesaver and the Tums Smoothies just taste better. I use the Tums regularly and they provide fast relief. There have been moments where the heartburn is so bad I feel like I may throw up. These are definitely all over my house and work and I have gone through quite a lot of these. The old wives' tales says heartburn means the baby has hair, I hope it's right! 

Relating to Tums above is Zantac75. I have learned certain foods cause me excruciating heartburn (tomatoes and chocolate to name a few) and even my beloved Tums can't keep the heartburn from these foods at bay long. I was finding that with these foods, I couldn't even lay flat to sleep. I bought the lowest dose and it works great. I take it prior to eating these foods and it prevents the crazy heartburn. It doesn't work as fast as Tums but it lasts a lot longer.

Another one that isn't as fun to discuss but totally necessary is fiber! I never heard about this from anyone prior to being pregnant but it has become something I do every morning that is just making life a lot easier----no need for further details ;-)

With pregnancy comes extreme thirst and that's where my "M" Tervis has been the perfect accessory. I use this mainly at work, having a huge thing of water around helps me to remember to keep drinking. I use mine with a lid and straw filled to the brim with ice and water. (I have been craving ice lately too). I highly recommend having something to carry around with water, helps with the dehydration.

Lastly an awesome partner! My husband has been so awesome to me and I really couldn't have made it without him. He has been my rock through this whole process. He has been so patient and kind and caring---giving my back rubs, cooking me dinner, taking care of the house when I was too tired, helping with the nursery, and just being totally awesome! Thanks babe---I'd be lost without you!

What items could you not live without during pregnancy?

Mere :-)