::Baby G:: A Little Shopping

Yesterday at work I was just in a funk---I didn't sleep well the night before and I didn't really feel great so I decided on lunch to step out and walk around some shops just to get out of the office. I ended up at the Baby Gap, that place is the mecca of cuteness. I found some really great things and thought I'd share!

I got this outfit in a 0-3 size. I have quite a few 0-3 month sized clothing but I just want her to wear this as soon as possible! This hat is too cute for words and the little drawstring pants are so perfect---it even has pockets!

I also got this little mini jean skirt and striped onesie (I'm a sucker for stripes). I got this in a 3-6 months so come spring, she will be sporting this adorable little outfit!

The best part was everything was 30% off this weekend! Score!

I hope are having a great weekend---I got a facial and a prenatal massage and both were amazing! Enjoy the rest of it---they go so quickly!

Mere :-)