::Baby G:: Our bags are PACKED!

The last "big thing" to check off of our Henley's Coming Checklist is complete! The diaper bag, labor bag, and hospital bag are all packed, excluding items that I will be using over the next few weeks that we will need to grab last minute.

As many of you know, I am Type A and love being organized. I have an Excel spreadsheet with all of the items I wanted to pack and used that as a guide while packing tonight. I pinned tons of various sites on Pinterest for suggested hospital bags but none were perfect for what I was thinking I'll need. The other day while slow at work, I went through them all and compiled my "perfect list" for the diaper bag, labor bag, postpartum bag, and the dad's bag based on what others had packed. I have it printed out and everything is not yet packed that I need to grab before we leave the house is highlighted, that way Teddy can grab these items in case I am not quite up to it.

Diaper bag first!

Maybe she will get a chance to wear these?!

Skip Hop Diaper Bag

I am packing for a two-day stay in the hospital since that seems to be the norm therefore I packed clothing for Henley for two days. Since I am not sure how big she will be (my family has healthy babies), I packed both newborn and 0-3. Here is what I packed:

2 - newborn sleepers (one sleep sack and one footie)
2 - newborn onesies or outfit
2 - 0-3 sized sleepers (one sleep sack and one footie)
2 - 0-3 sized onesies or outfit
3 - socks
3 - mittens
1 - receiving blanket
1 - swaddle blanket
2 - burp clothes
3 - hats
coconut oil
pacifier holder

When I was packing this bag the other day, I realized I had no newborn knit hats for her so the hubs and I went to Target last night and picked up a 5 pack from Gerber. There was a two pack of Christmas hats that were so adorable. I was telling Teddy how I wish we knew if she was going to be here at Christmas and he said, let's buy them just in case---they weren't pricey so why not. Depending on when I go into labor, these may be grabbed and put in the diaper bag too. :-)

We are planning to use coconut oil on Henley with the cloth diapers to moisturize and prevent diaper rash. In our Baby Care class, the nurse teaching it said how the first baby poop is like tar and sticks to the baby's bums (merconium it's called). She suggested bringing olive oil to prevent it from sticking and therefore avoiding the process of rubbing hard to get it off. I decided to bring coconut oil since we will be using that on her anyways.

We aren't planning to use pacifiers within the first month but we are packing them just in case we end up needing them. 

I didn't pack any diapers or wipes because we are planning to use cloth at home and actually have zero disposables at home. We will just use what the hospital provides while we are there and start the cloth when she gets home.

Lastly, if it's cold out, I may grab a thicker blanket for when we bring her home. 

Next up is my labor bag:

Bag all packed

What I packed for labor:
Robe - hopefully I'll be able to be up and moving around while laboring
iPad - we are going to load a movie or two and some books on this just in case I have a long labor
Speakers and plug - I plan on listening to music
Headphones - for the music in case I want everything else tuned out
Camera charger
Camera (being used, not pictured)
Hair ties
Carmex Lip Balm
Throat Lozenges
Massage ball
Wallet - make sure ID and Insurance cards are in there
Cash - for the vending machine

Lastly, the postpartum bag:

Clothing I packed:
2 nursing tanks
Yoga pants
Tank top
2 sleep shirts
Flip flops for the shower

Toiletries and other things (I got minis and travel size for both the hubs and myself that way it can stay packed the next few weeks and we don't have to worry about forgetting anything last minute):

Toothbrushes and toothpaste
Shampoo and conditioners
Soap and container for the soap
Pain reliever
Lanolin cream
Contact solution
Spare pair of contacts
Face wipes
Hand sanitizer
Prenatal vitamins
Makeup bag with minimal makeup
Phone charger

I also packed a towel for us to share in the hospital. We bought black pillow cases for our pillows to use in the hospital to make them easily distinguishable from the hospitals. Hubs will add his flip flops and clothing change to this bag.

In addition to these bags, we will be bringing the car seat and the boppy.

Ok I think that's it! Bags are packed and ready to go. I have some things around the house that we need to clean up and organize over the next few days/weeks. It feels so great to have everything ready for her!

I hope you all enjoy the weekend, it's finally here!

Mere :-)