::Henley:: Week Three!

Can you believe it's been three weeks already? I can't!!!


Back up to birth weight. We went to the pediatrician last Thursday and she was 7 lbs 11.5 oz. which means she is eating plenty!


Overall very healthy. In the last few days she has gotten a small diaper rash and we are trying to figure out what is causing it. Hopefully it clears up soon, I hate seeing her little bum irritated.

She is sleeping really well. She has been sleeping in the Rock n Play almost exclusively. She did take one nap in the Pack n Play but it was only for about 20 minutes. She doesn't like her arms included in the swaddle and when she is in the Pack n Play, she has nothing on the sides of her so her reflexes almost always wake her up. My mom suggested rolling receiving blankets and putting them beside her so she feels more secure so we may try that.

She is up about three times a night to nurse but she almost always goes right back to sleep. We had one night where she slept five hours, I almost didn't believe it! Since she is at her birth weight now, we don't need to wake her every 2-3 hours to nurse.


Still wearing Newborn sizes only. There is one sleeper we put on her last night and it was definitely a little short on her. She wore it last week and it fit so she must be growing!


Still just mama's milk. I think she is going through her three week growth spurt, she has been wanting to nurse almost every hour and a half.

Baby Gear Love

This week we got a Wubbanub Giraffe Soothie for her pacifier. It works great because she can hold onto it and put it in her mouth if it falls out---plus it's super cute!

Still doing great and only crying when something is wrong.


On New Year's Day we went to Grandpa's house for dinner and she did great. 

We also went to sushi on Saturday for lunch. I didn't have any during my pregnancy so I couldn't wait any longer. We tried to time it so she would nurse in the parking lot and then sleep while we ate but when we got there, she was in a really deep sleep so we thought we would be ok for 30-45 minutes while we ate. She slept for the majority of the time but about 10 minutes into our entrees she woke up and wanted to eat asap. Ted took her outside while I ate then I stepped outside to nurse her while Ted ate. Lesson learned---never take the gamble, we should have nursed her like we planned. It was still great to have sushi--it was delicious!

On Sunday we went to my mom's for dinner and she pretty much slept the whole time, just wanting to nurse on schedule right around the time we started to eat (that seems to be her M.O.---eat when mom eats) :-)

Today Henley and I went to Publix, it was my first trip out of the house with her alone and she did great (and so did I, no breakdown YAY). 


This week has been really good for me. I'm feeling great and not really sore at all. Overall, I'm just loving being back to normal---I haven't missed heartburn at all, I painted my toe nails without losing my breath, and I'm back in most of my normal clothes (haven't attempted jeans yet).


This week Henley took her first real bath and she loved it! She hates getting a sponge bath so I was kind of dreading a real bath but I was pleasantly surprised---she loved it!

She was checking herself out in the mirror the whole time.

Thanks for stopping by!

Mere :-)