::Henley:: One Month Old!

Did I really just type this---one month! I cannot believe little Henley has been in our lives for a whole month. It really feels like just last week that she came into our lives! This month has truly been one of the best times in my life and I know my husband feels the same way. There are days I look at her and am amazed that she is ours.

I was initially thinking that I would do weekly updates for her but I think that may be too frequent so I am going to switch to monthly updates and see how that works instead.

For the monthly updates, I'm going back to the chalkboard---I feel it's only right since we used it to document when she was growing on the inside.


She doesn't go to the doctor again until two months so we weighed her as best as we could. She now weighs 9 pounds.


She's doing great. Her rash cleared up and then we went back to our old ways and the rash came back. We have been airing it out again and it's almost gone. Our plan is to get it 100% cleared and then try some things I have read online.

Cloth diapers don't wick moisture away from their bum like disposables since the chemicals in disposables are what keep the baby dry. Since cloth doesn't have that, we bought fleece liners to use in the diapers. It's a thin piece of fleece that you lay on top of the diaper and that part stays dry against the baby's skin while the rest gets absorbed into the diaper.

The other thing I read doing research is that newborn poo is sometimes too acidic for their skin. I cut out acidic foods this week (tomatoes, berries, etc) hoping that will help. I think her skin will eventually get acclimated to the acidity but until then, I am hoping this routine will help correct the current rash and prevent any new ones.


I think she has figured out her days and nights which I am very happy about. She is getting up three times a night to nurse and then goes right back to bed. She typically naps in the morning and early afternoon but is then wide awake from about 1-6. At first I was bummed she wasn't napping then but I realized I should be grateful she is awake when we are and not at 2am.

She is still sleeping in the Rock n Play. I have attempted the Pack n Play a few times and she can be dead asleep when I put her down and she will be wide awake just laying there when I check on her. I am going to keep trying it out. She doesn't cry or get upset in the Pack n Play, she's just wide awake. 

I'd like to get her into her room in the crib at 6 weeks so this is something I really want to start working on soon.


She is wearing some 0-3 months! The majority of her clothing is Carter's and she is in 0-3 in Carter's but is still wearing newborn in other brands. I am really excited about her being in this bigger size since she has so many cute clothes in this size.

First night in 0-3 sleeper!


Loving mama's milk. I've started pumping once a day in the morning to start building a freezer stash for when I go back to work. It's going pretty well. We are planning to introduce the bottle to her soon, I just need to figure out the best way to do this where she won't reject the breast once she sees how easy a bottle is.

After she eats she is in a total milk coma, cracks me up every time!

Baby Gear Love

This week we had our first successful go in the Moby Wrap. I was ecstatic. We tried it a few weeks ago and she seemed to hate it but the other day, she was fussy and it was right around dinner time so I thought I'd give it a try. I tied it as tight as I could and the minute she was in it all cozy, she was dead asleep. My only concern after that was making sure I didn't drop any of my dinner on her head. :-)

This week she also started to really enjoy the swing. She would go in the swing here and there for short stints but now she will swing for a while awake and even put herself to sleep in it (she is actually asleep in it right now). We have the Little Lamb swing from Fisher Price--it's adorable!

Crying here and there, mainly when she has gas. She will be totally fine and then all of the sudden have a high pinch squeal/cry, then she will burp or fart and be back to normal. I have no complaints on her crying, I feel very blessed.


Henley is becoming quite the social butterfly. On Monday she met a really good friend of mine Tammy. We went to Panera and she was such a good girl. She slept the whole time. We even went to Daddy's work afterwards to meet his co-workers. She was perfect the whole time.

On Wednesday, my team from work came over to meet her. They brought us lunch and visited for a little while. Everyone was excited to meet her. 

Last weekend, we had our first normal "romping" weekend with her, it was great. On Friday, we went shopping to Motherhood so I could get some nursing clothing and bras. Then we went to Five Guys for dinner. On Saturday we were planning to go downtown and take a walk around the river basin. Once we got downtown, we saw it was Bike Night and thought the sounds of revved up Harley's would defeat the purpose of our relaxing stroll. Since we were already out, we decided to eat dinner at one of our favorite Italian restaurants. She slept the entire time. Then on Sunday after visiting Grandma, we went to have some sushi and then to the Gap to spend some Christmas gift cards. She wasn't too interested in shopping (we will have to work on that!) but once Dad took her out of the store and just walked around, she was back to happy status.

I'm getting much more comfortable going out with her alone, feels great to have some normalcy.


Feeling great! I am getting the itch to get back into a workout routine. I'm ready to get back to running and training for a race. I've been looking for one to register for. I can't wait! I tried my old jeans on and they fit and button but I have a muffin top that I am not too fond of so I am going to continue to wear my maternity jeans until I can button those comfortably.


She is really starting to focus on our faces and toys in her play gym. I love seeing her focus. She also makes a ton of funny faces, especially when getting kisses from Dad.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great weekend!

Mere :-)