::Random:: Dreams!

Being home these last few weeks with Henley has really got my "dreaming mind" up and running. For the past 10 years or so I have dreamed of owning a bakery. Every time there is a bakery in a movie or a tv show, I am immediately in love.

Since I have been off, despite the craziness of having a newborn, I have taken some time while Henley is sleeping to bake. Just keeping this little bit of normalcy has made me fall in love with baking all over again and therefore my "owning a bakery" dream is alive and kicking, stronger than ever!

This dream I have had is so appealing in so many ways. Since I graduated college in 2006, my entire work life has been a very black and white---accounting doesn't afford much creativity and if it does, well that is where situations such as Enron and WorldCom come into the picture. Creativity and accounting do not mix. Despite being successful in accounting, I have a very creative mind and I know owning a bakery would be a great outlet for this creativity while allowing all of my business and accounting education to be put to good use.

Here are some inspiration pictures I have saved of a bakery if my dream were ever able to come to fruition, mainly from the movie "It's Complicated" which by the way I could watch over and over again!

One day maybe this dream will be a reality, until then I will continue fattening up my family with homemade croissants, eclairs, cream puffs, and cupcakes! 

Mere :-)