::Pregnancy:: What Do I Miss?

It's been 6 weeks since Henley came into our world, early and unexpected. While the time with her has flown by and it doesn't feel like it's already been six weeks, it feels like I was pregnant months ago. All of the discomforts (or physiological discomforts of pregnancy as my doctor called them) and nuisances of being pregnant are a long, lost memory.

The other day as I was soaking in the bath shaving my legs, it occurred to me that not too long ago I was totally winded and sweating after shaving one leg. Oh how quickly we forget! I thought it would be interesting to do a post of things I miss (and don't miss) about being pregnant. It's true that by the end, I was uncomfortable and so excited to meet Henley that I was ready for it all to be over but there are a few things I miss.

I have to say one of the best things about being pregnant is being comfortable with the overall appearance of my body. I wouldn't say I have body confidence issues but like most women, pre-pregnancy I was self conscious about this bump or that bulge and I may or may not have photoshopped a beach photo here or there before posting (shameful I know!). With the pregnancy however, the bigger the better! There's no need to suck it in or look thin. Everyone expects you to gain weight and get bigger. I really loved tracking my bump and wearing form fitting clothes that showed off the bump. 

Now that she is here, I already am finding myself worrying about getting rid of the baby weight and planning my workouts once I get clearance from the doctor (hopefully tomorrow!). I wear clothes that hide my mid-section and I am constantly plastering on as much stretch mark cream as possible to help minimize and fade these marks. (For those that following my pregnancy, you know I didn't get many stretch marks however, it turns out that breast feeding was the little gem that would create all of my stretch marks---well that and the fact that I had some under my belly but I obviously had no idea until about two weeks post-partum.)

Something I obviously miss is Henley being inside of me. Her bumps and wiggles, no matter how uncomfortable, were simply amazing. I loved trying to figure out what she was doing and how she was positioned. I loved dreaming of what she would look like and how she would act. Wondering would she have Teddy's passion for life? My creativity? Would she be tall or short? Have blue eyes or hazel eyes? The ambiguity of everything was amazing! On the flip side obviously, it's the best thing in the world having her here. Seeing her and getting to know her is awesome. She is changing every day, just like she was when she was inside, and I love that and I love learning about her and how to take care of her.

Lastly I miss maternity clothes. I miss the comfort of the elastic bands and I miss maternity leggings (best purchase ever). I also bought some really cute maternity clothes and I'm bummed I won't get to wear these again (or at least for a while!) All of these got packed up yesterday, hopefully I'll be blessed and get to wear them again someday.

Now onto things I don't miss---these are going to be shorter and more to the point as they are pretty obvious.

  • Not being able to paint my toes, shave my legs, pee into a cup without peeing on my hands
  • Bumping my stomach into the grocery cart, my desk at work, the sliding glass doors (since I never opened them wide enough)
  • HEARTBURN! I do not miss this at all. I should let you all know that I had heartburn the whole.entire.time. I had it from the first trimester all of the way to while I was actually pushing. That's right---I had heartburn while I was actually pushing her out!
  • Not being able to have caffeine, sushi, lunch meat, Excedrin
  • Not being able to run long distances and outside
  • Not being able to hug my husband comfortably! (I have been loving the ability to hug Teddy lately!)

Having Henley has been the most exciting, scary, rewarding, and amazing thing I have ever done. I am in awe at what the human body is capable of. I'm so thankful everything went well and we are all healthy and doing great. I'm grateful for friends and family that have been so great about checking in on us, bringing us yummy food, and just being there when I needed a nap, especially in the beginning when I was too stubborn to call for help. I feel I am back to normal and into a solid routine with her which is exciting. 

I'm excited to see where this journey takes us and at the same time, I just want her to stay this little forever. I am already noticing changes in her, she's growing so fast!

Happy Monday, have a great week!!

Mere :-)