::Fun:: Adele---Can we Seriously Be Friends?!

Adele----can we please be friends? I really think it would be great. You and Angelo can come over and hang out. The girls would love him, I’m sure of it!

I came to the realization this week that not only is Adele the most amazing singer EVER but also such a down to earth person. A few friends and I attended her concert in Miami and it was everything I imagined and more. She opened with Hello of course and the show just got better and better. It ended with our whole row in tears while she said “Someone Like You”.

This was also my first night away from the girls alone. Daddy did amazing and the girls were well behaved and everything!

I'm wearing a black lace top from Old Navy and necklace from Francesca's

The weekend ahead is insanely busy but busy with very exciting, festive things. Can’t wait to fill you all in later!