New Year, New Restart

I mentioned the other day how much I enjoy the new start that the New Year brings and this year is so exception. I have my 2017 Planner ready to go and I've already sat down and laid out my 2017 Goals and Plans. I noted all of my plans in the first section of the planner so I am able to refer back often and see my progress.

I separated my goals into four categories and thought I'd share with you are few of them.

Financial - 
  • Reach my yearly goal for our savings account through set weekly deposits
  • Retirement account setup for my husband
  • Setup college accounts for the girls
  • Payoff our main credit card balance
  • Stick to budget and check progress weekly

Health - 
  • Visit the dentist twice for cleanings
  • Workout consistently three to four times a week
  • Drink Shakeology daily
  • Meet daily step goals
  • Reach weight goal and maintain it

Family - 
  • Disney trips for girls' birthdays
  • Schedule dates with the husband monthly
  • Take the girls out on one-on-one dates
  • Swim lessons for March for Macie
  • Weekly lunch dates with husband

Personal - 
  • Keep up on blogging at least twice weekly
  • Monthly updates to my photobook
  • Reading challenge 40 books
  • Stay positive and above the B.S.
  • Continue working on my creativity (hand lettering, calligraphy, and most recently photography)

Do you guys like setting goals at the start of the new year? What are some that you are working on this year?