Weekend Recap


There is just something so great about weekends in the fall. I look forward to them like no other time of year, knowing that something seasonal is right around the corner---fall festivals, Halloween crafts, baking, and more. This weekend did not disappoint in that arena. 

We started Saturday off with flu shots which weren't too terrible. I decided Henley should go first to show Macie that it's not a big deal. Turns out that was way worse as Henley was losing her crap over the anticipation of it. Nothing that donuts couldn't fix though.

We always get flu shots this time of year, usually picking out a pumpkin on the way home. I instantly had a bug to visit one of our local fall festivals. My mom came with me and the girls. We didn't spend a ton of time there as we had afternoon plans but the girls had an opportunity to pet some animals, see an alligator in a pond, and best of all--picked out some pumpkins.


When we were on the cruise, we saw a few ice skating shows and Macie was in love. We tried to skate on the ship but the age cutoff was three (bummer!). Earlier in the week, I did a quick google search and found the local ice arena had public skate a few times a week. We grabbed some pants and headed that way. The girls did great--and can we talk about how cute Macie's little skates are! The girls kept wanting to ditch the guides and skate on their own until they quickly learned how beneficial having them truly was. I think we've found a new way to ditch the heat on the weekends, I look forward to seeing them learn to skate.


I hope the weekend treated you kind, I'm already looking forward to the next one right around the corner, who isn't! Have a great week.