Autumn Sangria Recipe

Autumn Sangria Recipe

I shared my Fall Bucket List with you all a few weeks ago and on my list was this guy, Autumn Sangria. I used this recipe last year for Friendsgiving and it was a huge hit so I thought I would share it again. I made it with honeycrisp apples which give it the perfect sweetness. Throwing it in a Weck jar adds the perfect charm for fall too I think. 

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Fall Bucket List

Fall Bucket List

Fall is here. I've been unusually distracted since fall started but as of October 1st, I finally have my fall decorations up. I have been having visions of pumpkin bread and the Halloween fun dancing around in my head. This time of year has always been my favorite but there is just something so special about celebrating these seasons with kids.

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Hello September!

Hello September!

Summer is coming to an end. With school starting and the beginning of fall just around the corner, there are little glimpses of fall all around: a PSL Starbuck ad at Target, the fall clothing lineup during the Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale, the amazing scent of apple cider in the form of Mrs. Meyers All-Purpose Spray, and my bank account as I try to acquire new, more fall-esque clothing (sorry Hubs!).

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::Weekend Recap:: Fall Festival and Family Fun

It's Sunday evening and I am so looking forward to bedtime! This day has flown by and I feel like I've been playing defense all day.

Our morning started with homemade pumpkin waffles from the hubs (which we amazing). Pancakes led to Macie eating fistfuls (literally) of syrup which then led to an unplanned morning bath. While in the bath I was catching up on social media. I happened to look over to see Macie had pooped in the tub. Queue panic, pulling a soapy kid out of the bath, calling for hubs to come get said child, fishing the poop out, and running to find the bleach. No bleach so to Target I went. I should have know it was going to be one of those days with that kind of start. In summary today was a collection of cleaning up after Macie.

Yesterday was much more calm. We started the day with Henley's gymnastic class and the local fall festival. We went with our friends that have two girls, similar ages to Henley and Macie. It was a blast. The girls played on the playground, did the bounce house and giant slide and we rode the little Halloween train. The wait for the train was longer than expected so we didn't end up getting our pumpkin. We need to pickup a pumpkin to carve one night this week.

The weather this weekend has been perfect so I finished my Saturday with my Halloween Lularoe leggings and a nice glass of wine on the patio. 

This afternoon we went to my Uncle's for my Dad's Surprise 60th Birthday Party. It was great to see him and the rest of the gang. My sister drove down for the party too so it was great to see her.

There were old pictures of my Dad all around, it was great looking back over all of the memories throughout the years. Happy Birthday Dad!! Love you!

It's almost 7pm, approaching Macie's bedtime. One more push for the day---bedtime, folding laundry, and packing bags for the week. Here I go. Hope you are enjoying the rest of your weekend.


::Random:: Fall is Here!

Fall in Florida isn’t exactly like the Fall the majority of the country experiences but this week, for us Floridians, it is now Fall. I went for a run on Monday and not once did I think I was dying. We’ve done nightly walks and there has actually been a nice breeze---it’s still about 85 degrees out but there has definitely been a crack in the humidity making it so much more bearable. We are all hoping this weather is here to stay and not just a tease.

I’m so excited looking forward to the next few months. The latter part of the year is definitely my favorite and now that Macie is getting bigger (nineteen months?! When did that happen?) we are starting to really get her involved in our current traditions while also creating some new ones. We have pumpkin patches, fall festivals, Halloween, Friendsgiving, and more coming up!

Last week, as most of you know, Hurricane Matthew hung out on the East Coast of Florida ruining everyone’s weekend and destroying plenty in its wake. We were supposed to go to Disney World for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party but it got cancelled. Henley handled it like a champ replying with a solemn “It’s ok mama”. We instead hung out with neighbors and just enjoyed each other’s company.

Disney has been rescheduled for this weekend and the countdown is on---Henley has been counting down since Monday. Every morning at drop off she says “Four more days, and then three more days, and then two more days, and then one more day, and then Disney World”. It’s seriously the cutest thing. Macie has been loving Ariel, Elsa, and Minnie lately so I can’t wait to see her reactions as well.

We are planning to head out Saturday morning and visit Epcot for the Food and Wine Festival. I’ve already been stalking some blogs and found this link with all of the current 2016 food offerings----I was practically drooling just reading it. Definitely looking forward to it and praying there are lots of princesses to entertain the girls while Mom, Dad, and Grandma stuff our faces.

Mickey’s Party is on Sunday and our costumes are all ready to go! I’m excited to share with you all!! Pictures to come.

I’m hoping to be more present here going forward. I’m finding that I need a creative outlet again now that life has normalized a bit and I would love this to be it. I love sharing my family and thoughts with you all. Hope to see you around more too.

::Henley:: Pumpkin Patch

Fall in Florida isn't really like fall elsewhere around the country. There are no cool night breezes or leaves falling to the ground but there are pumpkin patches (albeit "man made" ones that are set up on busy street corners or parks but pumpkin patches nonetheless). Last weekend we took Henley to a pumpkin patch and snapped a few shots. She has been totally obsessed with pumpkins lately. She loved walking around and even picked out a small pumpkin of her own! We had just been the doctor for Henley's flu shot so this was a nice pick me up.

This weekend we went to a local park that was having a festival. There was a pumpkin patch and a train ride. Henley loved it all, she even saw a friend from school while she was there. Grandma and Aunt Allie joined us too.

 Look at that face---obsessed with "pumpas" I tell ya!

Happy Fall Y'all----now if only the cool weather would head this way!!!

Mere :-)

::Henley:: Pumpkin Patch Visit

To many people the beginning of October signifies cool weather and the changing color of the leaves. While we don't have that in Florida we do have things that feel like fall to us. One of those is definitely picking out a pumpking (or two). We took Henley to her first pumpkin patch and hubs (as usual) got some great shots!!

Now we just need to get one carved! Have you been to a patch this year yet?

Mere :-)