Happenings Lately

It’s a Wednesday that feels like Friday if that says anything about my week so far. Work has been busy and mentally tiring. There has been so much I have needed to accomplish and my days have been filled with meetings and interviews. I am getting done what I need to but everything else -- working out, eating clean, and writing -- have all fallen to the wayside. I have had my same, packed gym back at work all week! This should be temporary but still a bummer in the moment. Here is a quick catch up of all happenings in the Gadoury house lately.

This week is the last week before Henley moves to her preschool class. She is staying at the same center and is literally moving to the next classroom over but it feels big. I’m excited for her to start learning all of the things she will need to know for kindergarten. This age has been so fun with her, I’m excited to see all that this year has in store.

Last year when all of my friends on social media were posting first day pictures of their littles, I was thinking ahead to this year and purchased this board from Etsy. I love the idea of taking pictures every year to watch how much they grow and change each year.  I picked up the sweetest little first day outfit at Target (this top and a coral, glittery skirt) and the most appropriate first day Toms since closed-toed shoes are required.

This weekend I am headed to Fort Lauderdale to spend some time with my two best friends. I am super excited. Spending time with them alone would be a treat in and of itself but we are also seeing John Mayer in concert. I have seen him three times already, he puts on a great show. I’m also secretly looking forward to a two hour drive alone, yay for uninterrupted catching up on Podcasts!

Oh, almost forgot to share! This weekend we had a little pool party with some of Henley’s friends from school. It was low-key but I did get a few snacks for everyone to enjoy while we hung out. We had a few different chips and dips, a fruit bowl, but the star of the show was this awesome unicorn dip. We dipped Nilla wafers it in and everyone loved it. I would definitely recommend it for any get together with littles. We made ours pink, purple, green, and blue---topped with stars and pastel sprinkles.

I hope your week is going well, two more days friends and the weekend is here. We can make it!