Valentine Book Picks


Over the last six months I have been intentionally rotating books for the girls. Instead of them going into a closet full of books to pick something to read, I've been selecting a few books of a similar theme and leaving those in their room to read throughout the month. This was a huge hit with Christmas books so I decided to do the same for Valentine's Day. I have found that they are discovering new books they love, books they wouldn't necessarily choose based on the cover alone.  


I had a few Valentine's books from prior years that I knew were big hits so I added those to the shelf along with some new books I purchased from Amazon.

So far the favorite is In My Heart, I think we've read this one almost every night since I put these out. This book goes through various feelings we have in our heart and describes each one. Every night the girls tell us how their heart is feeling and why. I absolutely love hearing them talk about it. Macie told us the first night that her heart is mad when a classmate takes her toys. Henley told us that her heart was sad when a friend called her rude. This is such a great way to help them explain their own feelings and to put a feeling with a description. 


Words and Your Heart shows various ways our words can affect how people feel. This message here is so important and I loved sharing it with the girls. 

Ferdinand and Love Is are also great and have been on repeat. The girls swear the character in Love Is is Princess Tiana and I really can't disagree with them. All of these books have a theme of love, heart, caring and feelings. 

Love is All Around Florida is one of the Florida books that Target had last year. Our Target carries Florida based books each season and I always try to pick one up (even though our city is never mentioned). 

I am already looking forward to compiling books for our next theme. I have a few ideas using some existing books that haven't really had much love from the girls. Have you found any great Valentine's books, if so I'd love to hear all about them!