Girls' Bedroom Redo

Back in August I talked about my idea to put the girls together and change Macie's bedroom into a playroom. In November, we moved them together on a trial basis. In December, since everything was going well, we purchased bunk beds from Ikea and considered the move permanent! I am sleeping better than I have in the last five years and the girls seem to really enjoy both the bedroom and their playroom more than they ever enjoyed their individual rooms. I'd like to get something for the wall above the top bunk but otherwise, I am pretty happy with the simplicity of the room. 


The bunk bed is the Kura from Ikea. It's such a perfect size for their age. Henley can actually jump from the top and not get injured. For reference, the top railing hits right around my chest (I'm 5'9"). When you purchase the bed, the panels are white but all of the wood is a natural wood color. I searched Pinterest for some DIY tips for painting and went to town. Initially we purchased normal interior paint that we matched to the Ikea dresser we bought. We painted with little to no prep and the pieces were peeling before we even put the bed together. 

After a little more research, I found that the wood has to be sanded to remove the sealer. Also, we purchased cabinet paint instead of standard interior paint as it is more durable. After sanding the paint and sealer off, we were able to go for a second attempt. This time we waited 2 hours between coats and waited 30-45 minutes before turning the pieces to paint another side. It was a long process and I was agitated to have to wait but in the long run, I know it was the right choice. The girls have been using the bed for almost two months now and there is no peeling or nicks---even on the steps. 


The bedding is from Land of Nod. I wanted something whimsical but not cartoonish and this fit the bill perfectly. The bedding is reversible and as you can see, they each chose different sides. I just got the bedding about three weeks ago but it seems to be sold out online. This one and this one are similarly cute and whimsical to this one. (and this Alice and Wonderland set is to die for!)

Rug is super soft and from Target, this is the 5x7 size.

I've been struggling with the art work above the bed. I was looking on Minted for something large for the longer side. I really like this one but I don't feel that is goes all that well with the rest of the room. At Target this week, I picked up the Girls World sign on sale for only $11. I'm still on the hunt something for the opposite side whether it be shelves, garland, or framed art. Suggestions welcome!

The pink rope bin here on the floor has their soft princesses in it, it's from Target. I have  the matching small bin on the dresser for all of their hair bows. 

The dresser is from Ikea as well, it's the Malm. Before we assembled it, we took one of the panels to Home Depot to match the paint for the bed.

The lamp is from Target. It was from their Project 62 line. I can't seem to find it online but this one is very similar. 

The art work was done by Henley about a year and a half ago. I cut out silhouettes using my Cameo and had her paint over it (tip: I only gave her colors I wanted so there were no gross mixes of colors). I then removed the vinyl and sealed it with a spray sealer when it was dry. The unicorn head was from Hobby Lobby a year ago and it seems like they still have it in stock. Target has a cute stuffed one that is very similar as well.

We removed most of the toys from their bedroom, leaving only the stuffed princesses and these stuffed animals. The closet is split for their clothes so I'm not searching clothing tag while rushing to get them dressed in the mornings. I attempt to do the same with the shoes but it doesn't always stay that way since they are tasked with putting their shoes away. The bin at the bottom of the closet has blankets and pillows. Their hamper is missing from this picture as it is laundry day! (FUN!)


Overall, I'm really happy how the room has turned out. I like how simple it is and how easy it is to clean. I like the ease of bedtime and night time story reading (only one time!). Putting away laundry is a breeze since it's all in one space. For us, the room sharing is a win! 

Happy Sunday night, I hope your weekend was amazing!