My Workout Regimen

I just finished workout number 46 of my 80 day program. I’m following the nutrition plan as close as I can and I’ve done all of the work outs. It’s taken me a long time, years actually, to fit workouts into my day as a working mom, but I think I have figured it. I wanted to share my current workout regiment in case you are struggling to fit workouts into your life like I was before. Maybe what is working for me will work for you too!

In the past, I have trained for half marathons, done Pilates, lifted weights, gone to spinning classes, and worked out to at home with Beachbody programs. The majority of those happened pre-kids. Before we had kids, my husband and I would wake up at 5:30 in the morning and go for a run. On Saturdays, we would do the same, only longer distances and on Sundays we would rest or I would take a Pilates class. Nowadays I can't even wake up on time for work, forget getting a workout in. Morning workouts are just not for me.

I've mentioned before that I decided to try the 21 Day Fix after having Macie and that worked great while I was on maternity leave. I was able to get my 30 minute workouts in while she was napping. When I returned to work, I shifted my workouts to the evenings but that didn't last long. Not only was I tired after working all day but the girls wanted to spend time with me, and I with them. 

Fast forward to last year. I started working out during my work day. My good friend and I would meet at the gym and do all sorts of different workouts ranging from Beachbody programs to things we found on Pinterest. I have fallen out of routine here and there at times but overall this works best for me.

Between working out last year with my friend and kicking it into high gear this year, I have come up with a solid regimen that is working for me and it feels so great to finally feel like I'm in the groove. 

Firstly, eating healthy is the majority of the battle for living a healthier lifestyle. On Saturday or Sunday, I sit down and map out my meals for the week. I plan every meal -- lunches, dinners, and snacks -- and figure out what I need to meal prep on Sunday. (I'm planning to share some of my favorites soon!)

Each morning I pack my gym bag and food for the day. My gym bag is packed full of things I need to make myself presentable again once I enter the office. 

First tip for the gym bag is flats. If I am wearing heels and doing a leg workout, walking from the gym to my office in said heels is brutal. Many days I am wearing heels before my workout and flats after. I also pack rubber sandals for the shower.

I pack my workout clothes plus some extras in case I forget anything one day (socks, bra, underwear). Our gym has liquid soap in the showers so I just use these when I shower and they also provide towels so I don't bring my own. I shower from the neck down to save time on hair and makeup. My foundation and powder usually wears off during my workout but my eye makeup stays put. I use the Tarte Airbrush Powder foundation to reapply. It has medium coverage and is a one step product. Sometimes I add some blush but usually my cheeks are bright pink all on their own.

For my hair, I use Invisibobbles to eliminate that crease from ponytails. Once I am out of the shower and dressed, I use a WetBrush to comb out all of the tangles from jumping around. I use a hair dryer and dry any sweaty roots. Most days that is sufficient but there are some days I need a little extra flat iron action or dry shampoo. I also pack DryBar Dry Conditioner to help with tangles.

Other things I make sure to have in my gym bag are Native Deodorant, headphones, bobby pins, extra hair ties, headbands, qtips, and tampons.

Luckily, we have a gym on site at work but I think this would work even if you have a gym in close proximity to you.

Here is my typical workday schedule:

8am - Arrive at work

10am - Preworkout Meal

11:30am - I drink my preworkout energy drink and head to the gym

12:30pm - Head back to the office and drink a recovery protein drink

2:00pm - I eat a small lunch 

Between 5-5:30pm - Head home

I block my calendar for an hour and a half for gym time to avoid having meetings scheduled during that time. I always strive to go at 11:30 but I block my calendar from 1-2 just in case I miss my 11:30 window.

We are in the busiest season here at work and I have had to work a little later here and there or work from home but I really think that is more due to year end timing versus adding my workout into my day. 

One night a week I workout at home because no matter how much I try, I cannot look presentable after cardio so on cardio days, I step out and enjoy some normal downtime for lunch and do the workout right when I get home. 

These last eight weeks have really shown me it's possible. I'm seeing more definition in my midsection than I ever have before. It's hard work. It takes a lot of time but it's worth it. Besides the physical gains I'm seeing, I feel great and I feel proud of what I'm doing. 

What have you found works for your schedule? I'd love to hear all about it!