It's Been a While

…almost a year to be exact. I’m missed this. I’ve missed sharing through writing and photography. I’ve missed having a creative outlet. I’ve missed exercising this side of my brain.

I’m an accountant. My day-to-day life is full of rules and guidelines, math that makes sense. There is problem solving and analytical skills required but very little true creativity. There are no artistic expressions or flexing my creative muscle.

Since it’s been a bit, here is a quick recap of our 2019 so far…

Macie turned 4 and we celebrated in Disney at the Bippity Bop Boutique. Macie’s wish was that Henley do it with her so they both had a morning of pampering before heading out to the parks.

Henley graduated from Kindergarten. I think it took me the entire year to figure out the school system and how things work but we are going strong so far in first grade.


I had a fun Mom’s weekend away for Mother’s Day. It was so great to spend a few days with some really amazing ladies. The girls are finally to an age where they understand (even if they hate when we leave) that we will be back.

The girls performed in their first real dance recital. They did so great. It was about 15 hours of dance over two days and they were champs. It’s been so great watching them grow into their activities they love.

We went on a cruise with our friends that was amazing. Three family and five little girls that had the best time of their lives.


We took the girls to see Jojo Siwa—-they had a blast, I regretted not bringing ear plugs for myself. This is 3 minutes of about a 2 hour event, it’s probably 2:45 longer than you really want to see. ;-)

Macie started VPK and Henley started first grade—where is the time going!


And here we are. October, looking forward to a packed fall season. I hope you’ll stick around for the fun!!