::Baby G:: Nursery Organization

For those that don't know me personally, you should know that I am extremely anal. I like things a certain way and it really gets to me if things aren't ideal, it can be a little overwhelming. Speaking of...overwhelming is the perfect way to describe how I felt once everything from the showers and our shopping was completely unloaded in the nursery.

We took everything out of the gift bags and put it on the floor in piles where it stayed for a week or so until I could bring myself around to putting it away. I couldn't really come up with a good solution for the organization so my solution was avoidance.

Eventually I figured out the best way to organize everything and I can proudly show you all what it looks like now!

First thing I did was purchase under bed storage for anything that she won't be able to use in the first three months. I have three bins and I separated everything in groups: 3-6 months, 6-9 months, and anything over 9 months. In these bins, I put mostly clothing but I also put in toys and cloth diapers. The bins I bought look like this.
I also bought a purple fabric bin from Target to store extra blankets in. This fits under the guest bed along with the above bins but they are much easier to access to get blankets out of there.

Then I organized the changing table, the dresser, and the bathroom area. The nursery has a sink and bathroom cabinet in it (weird set-up in this condo) but it actually may work out nicely because we can use it for her baths in the beginning without crowding the bathrooms. I put all of her bath towel & wash clothes, a water thermometer, and soaps in a basket I received a shower gift in and stored it under the cabinet. Also under the sink but not pictured are bath toys she can use later and also a diaper sprayer for the cloth diapers that we won't use that for a few months so it's still in the box.

Next on to the changing table. We are planning to use cloth diapers so we don't really need much room to store actual diapers but we still have cloth diapers, cloth wipes, and all of the accessories.

In the drawer of the changing table we have random things that don't really "go" anywhere else. We put pacifiers, wipes, medicine, breast feeding accessories, and anything else that doesn't have a place here. 

Next to the changing table is where we put this little stand we bought at Home Goods. We didn't really have anywhere to put the wipe warmer since the dresser is on the other side of the nursery. 

Under the changing table are two shelves that we organized as follows:

Newborn and small cloth diapers
Cloth wipes, the purple ones are the ones I made here.

Receiving blankets.

Swaddle blankets and disposable gdiaper liners.

Burp cloths

Crib sheets and changing pad covers

All of this organization just makes me ecstatic (yes I realize I have issues)! Next we have the dresser:

Top drawer is organized using these bins from Ikea.

Second drawer has all of the sleepers and onesies by size: newborn and 0-3 months.

Third drawer is mostly 0-3 outfits and dresses with two stacks of newborn outfits on the right. 

All of the cloths got washed yesterday and it feels so good for everything to be washed and organized. I am planning to finish washing everything else tomorrow. I need to wash all of the swaddle blankets and receiving blankets along with prepping the cloth diapers. Once that is done, there will seriously be very little left to do----it's so exciting that everything is coming together nicely!

Mere :-)