Podcasts, Books, and Comfy Clothes

I thought I would start a periodic post for things I am loving or doing at the moment. This likely won't be a weekly post but probably at least monthly, maybe more if I am really eager to share something good.

Listening: I am obsessed with podcasts right now. I have been regularly listening to a few different podcasts over the last year or so but lately I am enjoying these more than TV. It's so great to be able to listen while I'm driving or folding laundry. I am able to follow along to all sorts of genres and keep up to date with what some of my favorite bloggers even if I don't have time to check their blogs daily. My “to listen” podcast list is ever growing as I just can't get enough. Current favorites are Young House Love, Chris Loves Julia, Coffee + Crumbs, and Book Tour with John Grisham. I am always open to more suggestions, any recommendations of podcasts you love??

Reading: I am currently reading Bird by Bird by Anne Lammott. This is a book about writing and so far I am feeling very inspired to apply some of her tips and techniques in my own journey to creativity and writing. I’m planning to start the Orphan Train soon. Follow my Goodreads account here to see books I've read and loved, please share any books that you are loving. I read about 2-3 books per month and am always looking for ideas.

Watching: I’ve been on a weird hiatus from TV since Grey’s Anatomy and This is Us ended for the summer. I wasn’t watching anything initially besides Glee on NetFlix when I wanted noise in the background but recently the hubs and I are back watching American Ninja Warrior. I've also flicked on So You Think You Can Dance in the last week. This is a show my best friend and I would watch religiously years ago but I just fell out of the loop with it. I'm enjoying it so far, lots of great talent.

Eating: Publix Premium Moose Tracks ice cream. This ice cream is amazing and I have had a bowl every night for the last couple days. It’s the best vanilla with fudge chocolate swirled in and mini chocolate peanut butter cups. Highly recommend to anyone with a Publix nearby. I need this container to be finished already if I really want to be able to fit in my bathing suits for the cruise next month 

Drinking: Unsweet tea. Calorie free and delicious!

Wearing: After tons of great recommendations from various bloggers during the Nordstom Anniversary Sale, I picked up some great finds. I've found myself wearing causal t-shirts with boyfriend jeans and a front tuck most frequently. It’s super comfortable and I love the casualness of the look but yet it can be dressed up with a long necklace and booties for a different look. These shirts are amazing, I got four different colors during the sale. I am also loving these boyfriend shorts from Old Navy, order like right now. So comfy!

Exciting: Vacation! We have a seven night cruise planned for the end of September. I’m excited for a week away with my family. I’m also looking forward to seeing the girls on the ship with all of the fun and entertainment.

Dreading: Macie is almost 2.5 and I know she is approaching an age where she needs to be weaned from the pacifier and will eventually be out of the crib. She is such a good sleeper that I am dreading these transitions. Her teeth are starting to move into the pattern of her paci and I know she will soon be climbing out of the crib. I am just dreading the inevitable and wishing these hard transitions just worked, don't we all.

I think that's the majority of it for now. I can't really think of anything else I'm crushing on. I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know if there are any other topics or categories to add for next time. Happy Hump Day friends!!